Cast your votes for who's naughty and nice in WWE

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  1. Cast your votes for who's naughty and nice in WWE

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  2. Naughty - AJ since according to writers this year she has slept with Punk, Cena, Kane and D-Bry.

    Nice - Kofi Kingston always get that massive grin on his face.
  3. Naughty - Eve
    Nice .... Can't argue with cloud... has to be kofster
  4. DAMMIT Daniel your signature is distracting me :upset:
  5. Naughty: Hmm... Big Show.
    Nice: Kofi Kingston
  6. You're the second person to say that. God bless America... And pretty women!
  7. Isn't her name Kate upton or something?
  8. @[BaraaKhalaf92] Yes it's Kate Upton, and I just realized she has the same birthday as me. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:p
  9. Good for you...
  10. ... Err thanks.. I think.. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:p
  11. Naughty: AJ
    Nice: Lil Jimmy

  12. Yes sir. she is being discussed in the legends thread! join us!
  13. June 10th YESSSS I looked it up!
  14. hehe!
  15. Every time I see your sig I can't help but stare at her one eyebrow... :dawg:
  16. Oh yeah me too lmfao
  17. Yep thats defo what distracts me her eyebrow!

  18. You probably aren't even aware she has a head. :pity::dawg:
  19. Truthfully I am as I think she has rather nice eyes which being one of my weaknesses I have spotted.
  20. SHE HAS A HEAD?:blown:
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