Castle vs Dijak, War Machine in Action, Live Fish Tank & Elgin vs Alexander

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. 04.18.15 ROH TV is Available to All Members
    This week's “RING OF HONOR WRESTLING" TV is available for ALL MEMBERS by clicking here. If you would like to become a Ringside Member & have Early Access to ROH TV on Mondays, click here.

    Another jam packed edition of Ring of Honor Television comes to you from sunny San Antonio, Texas!

    We open with two highly thought of stars that many predict are the future of Ring of Honor, as Dalton Castle takes on the newest member of the House of Truth, Donovan Dijak! This match is a huge opportunity for both of these young athletes to establish themselves in ROH. There's no doubt Dijak will have the backing of the House of Truth as their latest major investment. But in just a few ROH appearances, Dalton Castle has captured the attention of every single fan in the crowd! The Peacock of Professional Wrestling feeds on the energy from his audience and now he's ready to dazzle!

    War Machine returns to ROH Television! The monstrous duo are back and will no doubt open some eyes this week!

    We will have a rare live Fish Tank this week with special guest ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. The self proclaimed "Greatest Champion in ROH History" will appear to promote his new DVD entitled A Lethal Dose: The Jay Lethal Story.

    Former ROH World Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin has become increasingly unpredictable in his actions lately. Cedric Alexander always appears to be a step away from greatness. He is blessed with the physical tools and capabilities to be a champion, yet he remains on the cusp of getting there. Elgin is without question a monster in the ring, but now he seems to have found this inner anger and has combined it with his in-ring style. Can Cedric stay one step ahead of Elgin? Can Elgin wrap Alexander up in his own brand of chaos? Do not miss this week’s exciting main event!

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