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  1. How are "casuals" defined?
    What makes a fan a "casual fan"?

    I only ask as i want to know if I am considered a casual
  2. I am a casual fan. I mostly just watch PPV's, sometimes none at all. I just watch show reviews and such.
    Unless something really good is going to happen, I don't watch all that much. Not now anyways. I used to watch every Raw. 3 hours is too much.
  3. I think casual fan equates more to a viewer who watches just for watching.

    The more people want to learn about the wrestling industry, and develop a knowledge of wrestling, they slowly drift away from being a casual fan.
  4. I define casual fans as the ones that comment directly on WWE's Facebook or Twitter posts, they watch for fun and don't really care how well a wrestler works or how they act, as long as their face they'll cheer and as long as their heel, they'll boo. Of course if they want to know more, than that's when they start transitioning from casual to hardcore.

    Seriously, though. I'd assume a "casual fan" watches WWE only for the entertainment aspect.

    They may watch it regularly, but their interest in product doesn't go beyond entertainment.

    Plus, they don't read dirt sheets and don't care to look for spoilers and their only news source is probably

    So, once they stop caring about the product, they simply stop watching.
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  6. To be a casual does not mean to believe in kayfabe.

    To be a casual means to only watch for the sake of watching, not going onto the internet and discussing it with other fans, or watching other promotions and reading wrestling news
  7. Sorry. I'll delete that stupid comment.
  8. It's not a stupid comment. No need to feel stupid m8
  9. Casual fan is a WWE fan not a Wrestling fan. Doesn't care about anything outside WWE, only cares about the main roster.
  10. Well I watch every PPV, I stay up fr Raw and Smackdown until 3 and 4am and I subscribe to podcasts and read Bleacher Report

    Would that mean casual?
  11. No offense, but you shouldn't worry too much about it. Just watch and talk wrestling how you enjoy doing it. Fuck the labels.
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  12. This is pretty much how I feel.

    If you really want a definition, though: I would go with a casual being a person who watches if it's on but doesn't really consider themselves to be a "wrestling fan".

    But, I agree completely with the idea that you should just relax and enjoy the show. If anybody doesn't like that, they can go to Hell.


  13. I think I am a casual fan, and I dont see it as an insult.

    I dont get time to watch 5 hours of product every week + Pay per views. I watch most pay per views, and just check out the recap/results stuff they do here which I enjoy.

    I like keeping up with wrestling even though I don't watch it religiously.
  14. I was a casual when I started watching again last year. I'd miss many episodes of raw. Hardly watched smackdown. I'd really only watch ppvs and the odd RAW in between. But since having gone to roadblock, and will be going to survivor series I'd say I'm more than a casual. I watch every raw,smackdown,ppv and even the nxt takeover. I'll catch the odd episode of nxt aswell.
    I'd rather not have anything spoiled for me. I can't stand it. I watch to be entertained and when they announce someone's return or debut weeks before, it kinda sucks.

    Although I guess by some people's definition, I'd be a casual still but I don't think of it that way.

    Like someone said, just watch if you like it and fuck the labels.
  15. No offence taken man

    Thanks for your kind response everyone

    I only ask because it seems if your a casual your opinion doesn't really count and podcasts and others get annoyed by casuals
  16. People with that kind of attitude aren't worth talking to in the first place. They're just elitist nerds who aren't going to accept you until you think or talk like they do. Really, don't worry about it. Start talking in a chat/podcast/whatever and if other people give you too much shit, leave.
  17. Thanks Krendall great reply
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