Cat Fighting Help (ACTUAL Cat Fighting lol)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. My one cat PC was a stray my husband and I took in. He was not fixed at the time. After he got hurt, he got stitches and fixed and we kept him. Now, I have another cat that I had since he was a baby, his name is Twiggy. Well... Twig has been living with my mom for the last 3 years and we finally brought him in with us since we will be moving soon. Him and PC love to play and chase each other... Only problem is... When PC gets too excited, he tries to mount him like a female and Twiggy flips out and attacks him and then attacks me. He actually just latched on to the back of my leg like a wild animal. I closed him in the bathroom to cool off.

    I am not sure what I can do to keep this from happening. Neither one is hurt from what I could see. I check their eyes and ears and no major damage was done. They screamed for like 5 seconds before I yelled and broke them up. I don't want this to keep happening because they are both going to be living with us. I don't want to give up either one, I love them both so much. I can't find anything online about this. I might be searching in the wrong spots of something.

  2. I actually did find something. Putting lemon juice the the cat's neck who is getting mounted will prevent it. So I am going to try that.
    If anyone else knows any other way, please let me know!
  3. your cat's a homo :nogusta:
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  4. One of your cats is a homo lol. The fight might happen depending on how far the mounting cat gets his thingy inside the other, because cat's cocks (including lions) have these spike thingies on them that don't hurt when you insert but do when you try to pull out. Just watch a cat sex video on Youtube to see what I'm talking about. But this is usually the case with females, obviously.

    It's funny how cat sex (and a lot of animal sex in general) borderlines on rape of some kind. Just look at the way the male cat will try to bite the neck of the female cat during intercourse, to stop her from running away until he's done.
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  6. Get a water pistol and every time you see one try to mount the other, shoot water at it.
  7. I'd try the lemon juice first and if that doesn't work you might have to use a water bottle on him. Although I know with my own cat the water bottle doesn't keep her from going on the counters and stuff lol so I don't know how well it will work. I hope one of these two techniques works for you!
  8. Cats do that, it's normal. I have two tomcats and they always do that.
    The heat of the moment, lol.
  9. Got a similar issue. My dog keeps chasing my cats.
  10. Tell your wiener to stop chasing pussies.

    Anyway Brit, did you try jingling keys or moving a flashlight around?
  11. PC is not a homo. He is showing dominance. He bites the back of Twigs neck and lays on him. His penis never comes out.
    He saves his love for my blanket... My poor, poor blanket. :downer:
  12. Odd that you pay attention to his penis.
  13. Odd that you think I am checking out my cat's penis. :nogusta:
  14. You said it never comes out... :mad2:
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