Cat memes and such, go away

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. Am I the only one that I know, that reallllly doesn't find all of these cat and pet memes to be funny? Seriously. It is an everyday ordeal for me. Girlfriend, or family member gets on the computer, pulls up firefox or some shit, then seconds later..."LAWL OMFG LOLOL DID YEW SEE THIS?" I proceed over to see what's soo damn funny, and it's another stupid cat meme. At first I pretended it was funny, and went along with it, but now, I just tell them it IS NOT funny. And they still insist on showing me. I have five cats myself, and they're cute, blah blah blah. But come on now.
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  3. [​IMG] Here, we have exhibit A
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  4. lol, Britta found it funny. :pity2:
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  5. Cats suck.
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  6. #hipster
  7. 3 cat memes by the same member three times. Half life 3 confirmed.
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  8. faggot
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  9. This. I've had two really shitty cats, personally. I do have friends with awesome cats, but they are more like dog's who will eat a rabbit and leave the head on the doorway as a sign of respect. That is pretty damn awesome.
  10. Not all cats are cool, like most every dog is pretty cool (except the ones with shitty owners)

    Cats are different. There are some really cool cats and a lot of shitty ones.

    It goes cool cats >>> dogs in general >>>>>> 'those' types of cats

    Like me, I used to hate cats until I stumbled into ownership of my cat Snoop Dog who is simply the GOAT pet, period.
  11. Yeah i would agree, dog owners are the reason certain dogs are bullshit, cat's I have no idea. My sister's cat is garbage, she just hides in the closet all day and pukes nearly every time she eats....and has done so for nearly the entire time we have had this bitch (shes like 15)

    My one buddy had 2 dope fucking cats. They moved like waaaaay across town from by the lake to close to the school. The cat would chill outside with us until about the same time daily, and then would (eventually we stopped it) at least attempt to roll over to the old house to kill animals and chill in the long grass. Words cannot describe how badass that cat is, and i'll 100% admit if it was my cat i'd feel differently, even though i do love my mini schnauzer.

    I wont say cats or dogs are better, there are so many possibilities. I have no problem letting my dog out, and she follows me around, I guess it depends more on your schedule. Dogs are just juiced to see you, while cats seem to reward you with affection.
  12. True. Cats seem to have a lot more uniqueness to them, whereas dogs are dogs if they are treated right. They just want to run around with a stupid look on their face and have someone to rub their belly at the end of the day. Cats have actual moods and are more human-like with the way they show emotion. I also feel you have to earn a cats affection whereas dogs will lick anyone's hand put in front of them, which I find cool.

    Definitely though more lame cats out there than lame dogs. Often times people will come over and see my cat, declare themselves a 'dog person' or 'they don't like cats' but by the time they leave they can't stop petting Snoop.
  13. Exactly. It's really about the owner in both cases, honestly. If you have a dope cat, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and be thankful, while dogs have to just be abused to really suck as far as i have seen. My dog is a bearded lady (mini schnauzer) so she pretends she can attack anyone who walks in the door, but most of her day is spend a couple feet away from me staring at me like a creep, waiting for food/a treat/to go outside/play. I see no part of attending to her as a chore, outside of the bath business.
  14. haha you basically just described my cat. She chills with me toking up just waiting for snack time. Plus you don't have to bathe cats, but you do have to scoop their shit out of a box, so there is that...

    Snoop loves going outside I might just see if I can get her to start shitting outside like a dog.
  15. That's what my buddy did. His cats kicked it by us for smoke time in the small room, then went and chilled by the pool. They even had a specific area they deuced in. :boss1:

    My dog doesnt shed, but yeah the haircut is expensive for sure. Like 60$every other month for someone to shave up my bearded lady? They have to to trim the asshairs, and that's really why i pay for it, otherwise i'd do it myself.
  16. It's a shame i dont have my pos phone. My dog is on my bed (i'm on my computer chair rolling around and about a foot from her) and every time i say what, she just licks her lips and motions at my egg sandwich. Apparently I cooked for my dog.

    Oh and for people who dont know what a mini schnauzer is.
  17. Your dog has a manlier beard than you do.
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