News Cat was stabbed for a "ritual"...

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  1. "A cat that was likely used as part of a "religious ritual or sacrifice" at a local cemetery is clinging to life after Fort Worth firefighters and police officers stumbled upon the animal on Sunday.

    According to Fort Worth police, officers arrived to the historic Harrison Cemetery on Meadowbrook Drive to assist Fort Worth firefighters. At a headstone, in the now overgrown cemetery, there was a small fire, bottles, candles, a knife, and other various items.

    There also was a severely burnt cat that appeared to be domesticated, police said. An animal shelter says the animal was also stabbed."




    People are jerks. Makes me sick.
  2. People are fucking sick. This shouldn't be done to animals.
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  3. The sad thing is, they haven't found anyone and likely wont to arrest. These sick people will get away with it while a poor innocent animal fights for it life.
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  4. That's a real shame.

    I'm not the biggest fan of cats, but this is just sick and moron(s) who did this shouldn't get away with it that easy.

    Hope the poor thing survives, though.
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  5. Me too. I hate seeing animals pay the price of some human's stupidity.
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  6. Humans are animals too, scientifically speaking.
  7. This is sad.

    I don't understand why people do this. Should track down whoever it was and stab/burn them, to see how much they like it.
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  8. Well that depends on how you view it. Humans are "beings". A being is made up of the soul, the spirit, and the body. Animals only have a soul and a body. Plants only have the body. Too much to get into.

    I just wish people would stop being dicks to life in general on this planet.
  9. Before this goes off topic...

    That's why I said scientifically. Humans are animals in the sense that we have senses, and in-built mechanisms for living like every other animal on this earth. Difference is, is that we have so much brain power that we out grew animalistic life and etc etc etc.

    And yeah. People are the shites.
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