Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. So I was watching this movie at like 4 am last night (missed class today because I was up all night, not sleeping) and obviously a good deal of the 'documentary' were either fabricated, reenacted or even staged, but was there any truth to it? Everything about it seemed fake to me. 1.) The 3 guys seemed like they were acting more than being naturally shot in their every day life. 2.) While we are on acting, jesus H christ that 'Angela' chick that was behind everything was a BEAST mode actress. Gat damn she was good. No way that the creepy lady masquerading as 20 people on facebook dealing with her retarded husband and kids would be so awesome on camera. 3.) The storyline doesn't add up. Why were they shooting in the beginning just because they got some half ass painting from an 8 year old? There was no real reason or story when they started, which leads me to believe it isn't a real documentary. 4.) These guys are all tech savvy, and they never thought to look this "Megan" or "Abby" up on Google? Come on. And no Skype w/ "Megan"? Get real dude.

    So yea, I think it was 99% bullshit and think it is retarded that this is considered a documentary. Does anyone disagree and think this movie is authentic?
  2. Not a bad movie btw. Just not a documentary.
  3. I don't care for it. They made it into a tv show on mtv now though. It's basically the same thing compacted into an hour.

    EDIT - The host is Nev
  4. It's different IMO because those situations are actually real and the one in 'Catfish' was just a movie. IMO at least, it's the conclusion I've drawn.

    I only watched it because I keep hearing it referenced in all of the Monti T'eo crap
  5. I dont have a fucking clue in the world what this is, and now im interested. I guess we are even on the spoilers.
  6. Yeah the movie seemed a little fake to me as well. If it was real, that dude is a fuckin idiot.
  7. They were spoilers but I also read spoilers before watching, but without context they mean nothing. Basically it's a fake documentary presented as a real documentary about a three roommates.. two brothers and one other dude. They film one of the brothers as his relationship with a family on facebook unfolds.
  8. Mockumentaries are usually shit.
    Ever hear of the poughkeepsie tapes? sooo bad
  9. Ok, now you win. Is it even worth watching now?
  10. :dafuq:

    I never heard of it.
  11. Yea aids its only about 90 minutes and I found it to be entertaining besides all of the obvious acting going on in the "documentary"
  12. I think you would get a kick out of making fun of the idiot, aids.
  13. Im sold. Thanks.
  15. Sounds like a similar filming style to the Blair witch project.
  16. Or any number of mockumentaries, but yea, except with a much more realistic subject matter obviously
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