Catherine Zeta Jones - Workaholics Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Nobody, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. She dips beneath the lasers, woah.

    Welcome to workaholics season part 2 continues tonight.

  2. You know the rules, no Dolph's left behind.
  3. Wait until tomorrow and ill watch it with you lol
  4. You got it brother. Was worried my stream might break up and ruin the episode anyways, so ill upload it to Youtube, name it something that will give us 30 mins, and it's on.

    Anyone else @"CM Punk" join.

  5. Your bitch has a sweettooth
  6. Yeah I'm here.
    Pumped for it.
  7. wtf is that sig from. Workaholics is going to be dope, but no discussion for me, as i wont be watching until early AM tomorrow. Synchchat is the plan.

  8. I'm guessing Dolph's is at work.
  9. That, AND the fact i dont have cable, and would be seriously butthurt if the stream wasnt on right.
  10. [video=youtube][/video]
  11. CM punk skip the ep tonight and watch it tomorrow dog
  12. #Leggo
  13. What time?
  14. Good question actually
  15. 2pm central.
  16. I'll be on like from like 12pm, for you.
    Don't know when Aids is gonna be on either.
  17. So that's like 12 for Dolph's and 3 for me. I'm good
  18. Looking like its going to be after D'Z has class, ill figure out how to upload to youtube and sneak it on for our chat.
  19. If it's uploaded online, I'll do it myself and upload on Dailymotion.
    Then we can watch on
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