Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. At long last, the eternal Dog vs Cat debate is over.
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  2. Pussy. Dogs >
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  3. Great video! I'm glad the truth is now out in the open. Cats are definitely better :obama:
  4. Rabbits pwns all!
  5. Dirtsheet BS.
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  6. And now lets get some cat vs dog action.

  7. Nah Dogs > Cats. Case closed: End story.
  8. This video sums up why dogs are superior to cats. Dog simply exploring with his nose - controls 60% of their brains - and the cat goes all defensive. Dog just no-sells all the attacks and doesn't retaliate, seems well trained and polite. Trained is the key word; you can train a dog. Try training those damn independent cats. My cat needlessly attacks Arthur all the time, and he gets scared but doesn't ever retaliate. Dogs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cats.
  9. Dog=John Cena
    Cat=Great Khali

    End of story.
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  10. Dog=John Cena
    Cat=The Rock.

    Now it's the end. If Cena beats again The Rock dogs will be better than cats!

  11. As if some dogs aren't the same. There are dogs that will bark their fucking head off at you even when you're not anywhere near them or bothering them, so long as they can see or smell you nearby. Some dogs will even get close and threaten to attack you when you've shown them no harm first. And then there are some cats that won't react negatively to you at all. Some will even walk or run right up to a person they don't know.

    Besides, the cat in the video is smaller than the dog, hence the reason to act so defensive, probably. I don't see being territorial as a negative trait, really.
  12. 1) The barking: Can be trained out of them. They normally mass-bark at other dogs (or people) as they love you so much to the point of being protective. Other dogs especially appear as threats to them and you, so they try to portray authority to deter the other dogs. A dog doing its best to protect me is something I won't get mad about, but it's easily to train it out of them. Another positive for dogs: you can train anything out of them, or into them.

    2) Don't try and put the minority of dogs who most likely have had past traumas that attack you, and mesh them into the majority that are completely harmless. Almost all cats attack dogs if they get too close, it's instinct. It's territory. Some are loving towards dogs though. My old cat and dog got on wonderfully, but 9 times out of 10 it's the dog giving the cat respect, because it's smart enough to do so. Dogs are smart. Cats are morons.

    3) Almost all dogs give positive affection to strangers, so not sure how SOME cats doing it as well is a point. Dogs love attention. Most cats love independence. It's nature. The highlightof a dogs day is normally "Good boy, you're a good boy". The highlight of a cats day is "Here you go, food."
  13. As a man who is scared of dogs (or to be precise, bigger dogs. I was attacked by two full grown dalmatians at age 7, never got over it really) I'll have to go with cats on this.
  14. I was also attacked by a large dog when I was younger which its owners allowed it to do. Even to this day I'm pretty hesitant around most large dogs that are jumpy and bark a lot. I'm much more comfortable around calm-natured dogs.

    With that being said, I got my first cat in October and I couldn't be happier. I know that my cat doesn't represent every cat in the world but I think she's been a wonderful pet. Sarabi loves to be around people, loves being pet and getting loads of attention, and loves to play with her toys with me. She's quite outgoing, loves to check out new people, and hasn't hissed at anyone. I love her personality.

    I think that cats, just like dogs, can be a reflection of their owners. Despite their more independent personalities, I think cats can be more outgoing and friendly if they have the confidence to do so. Even though most cats can't be trained in the traditional sense that dogs can, they still can learn things from their owners and be great pets.
  15. Wrestlemania 29.

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  16. I plan on naming my cat Satan whenever I get one. So I can lean out my window and yell "Satan! Get back here Satan!"
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  17. Wrestlemania 28. The Rock beats Cena. We need a tie breaker match
  18. Wrestlemania 30

    Dog vs Cat in a pet toy on a pole match
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    :russo: BRILLIANT!! #AttitudeEraIsBack
  19. :yay: I'd love to see Farooq's match.
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