Cats React To Viral Videos!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Butters!, May 28, 2014.

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  1. I Can't Even... I'm overloaded with adorableness and I personally think I need medical attention afterthis.
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  2. I love The Fine Bros! All the react episodes are good.
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  3. Nah, fuck the kids ones. Lol
    Teen, Elders and YouTube Stars are the good ones.
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  4. I actually like the recent Kids React to Technology ones... makes me feel extremely old though... but yeah before they started doing those the Kids ones were pretty boring.
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  5. Right!? The Computer Episode made me so angry!
  6. By the way, the cat that knocked down the laptop has to be my favorite reactor.
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  7. Why did the computer episode make you angry? lol
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  8. They weren't as excited as I was when I saw it.

    Their all like "Wut is dis?" and getting all frustrated at it.

    And i'm all like "OMG SWITCH IT ON! SWITCH IT ON!" fanboying.

    All though the kid that tried to remove the game floppy disk while the game was playing made me laugh.
  9. haha You weren't even around when those came out.. I'm surprised you know what it was lol

    I remember being 5 years old and watching my father typing on that very same model of computer.. the Apple II.
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  10. Tbh my favourite cats were the human ones at the end because JacksFilms is great.

    And regarding the different react series':

    Imo the most informative ones are the kids/elders react, the kids react show how some of the most significant elements of our society; past and present are seen through the eyes of a naive innocent person. Elders react can give you the insight of people who lived long enough to gain wisdom, both sides of the coin can be important to learn.

    Teens react and YT react are more entertaining but I don't learn much from them tbh.

    It depends on what you want from the vids, sometimes I want insight, sometimes I want to have a laugh, therefore they're all useful.
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  11. I've always heard of them growing up and ever since I was five i've always been around a computer. So seeing that stuff really blows my mind and I would love to be able to use one.
  12. I absolutely love this one... even more so because they used the red band trailer.

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