CBS to Broadcast 8 TNF games next season

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Starting next season, CBS will be simulcasting with the NFL network for 8 Thursday night football games next season!
    This means people who don't subscribe to the NFL Network will be able to enjoy those 8 games.
    Some people say this is stupid because it stiffs people who pay for the actual NFLN however that's not the case, they still get the programming that airs during time when football is not on and also have an exclusive game on Sundays that a lot of people don't get.. Also to mention that there will still be 4ish thursday night games that ARE exclusive to the NFLN.
    I think this is great for CBS since they have jackshit airing on Thursday anyway, and also I think anyone who says NFLN custies are getting stiffed are not thinking fully about the exclusive content they still have over the general public.
  2. I saw this on Madden 25. While on paper, I think it's a good ideal but it also might not be. It removes a draw for buying the NFL Network. It's better in terms of business for CBS and the NFL, but the NFLN will be hurt by it.
  3. Part of me wants to scoff at this and say "psh, the Thursday night games suck anyway"... but hell, for the vast majority of people it's more football on our TV. How can you not love that? :yay:
  4. Thursday night games always crack me up, most of the time both teams look soo sloppy and make hilarious mistakes :emoji_slight_smile:
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