Cean was not supposed to win the MITB?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else think that Cean was not supposed to win the MITB? John Cean looked beyond shocked when the case came unattached. Also, the MITB is best suited to heels or smaller superstars who can not get a chance at the title otherwise. Cena can have a shot at the title any day he wants. Furthermore, he decided to cash it in next week at the 1000 episode rather than at the next PPV.

    Also, as the camera was panning away from Cena at the MITB PPV on to the carnage that was the other superstars, the look on Y2J's face was priceless. He had a look that, to me, said "I can't believe I am hearing Cean's music". I personally feel that, since Y2J created the event (in story line) and that this is the only achievement (as Cole said at the PPV) that Y2J has yet to win, that he would have been a better choice to win the event.

    If Cena cashes it in next week as he said, it would give plenty of time to create a story with Y2J (or whoever was supposed to win it) against Cean for the next PPV.
  2. I just think Cena is good with facial expressions. I'm fairly certain the match unfolded the way it was booked to.
  3. I think it was botched that it came off that way, but I think he was always meant to win it.
  4. Maybe. I just don't think that Cean was a good choice for the winner of that match. Maybe just poor writing. :/
  5. i would lol if it was true, and those facial expressions were fucking hilarious XD but i think its just cena being his goofy self
  6. Yeah. I don't know. I guess I was just hoping that the match was written with a better winner but eh.
  7. I agree it's pretty pointless, but I just think they want Cena to be the most featured superstar going into the 1,000th ep and have him in the middle of the title hunt for the summer.
  8. I think he was meant to win there is no way it was not wanted. It will cause issues between Cena, CM Punk and Big Show which the WWE think will be interesting for us.
  9. It was predictable that Cena would win because he wins everything.
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  10. I'm pretty sure everybody thought Cena was gonna win. The close second would have been The Miz.
  11. Well here is the thing. I kind of felt that at Elimination Chamber, when Y2J was taken out because of injury, that he in fact was supposed to win but that had to be changed. I mean, why bring in someone like Y2J back to basically be a scrub? So then now Punk keeps his title and time goes by..and then the same thing happens to Y2J? That would be pretty funny for him.

    Secondly, during the promo between Ziggler and Y2J last night Y2J did not seem amused by Ziggler pointing out his lack of winning and although that is story of course, I feel like Chris let Dolph hang a bit in the promo before moving it along with his move.
  12. Cena was supposed to win, I'm sure. Was it stupid booking? Yes. Isn't WWE full of it nowadays anyway? Yes.
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  13. I agree that Jericho's awesome return was ruined by him jobbing but oh well, at least we get to see him cut awesome promos. And no, he and Dolph would have already spoken about the promos and stuff. They're quite good friends. Jericho just sold it well, making sure people realise he's pissed that he loses so much and he "lost his cool" by attacking Dolph.
  14. Yeah but ugh. Why always Cena. I just think that the MITB could have been used so much more creatively.
  15. He draws, simple as that really. It's annoying but if it means another Cena/Rock feud I'm actually on board.
  16. Yeah I guess. So on another note pertaining to Y2J. Who thought that the vignette with the boy and girl were awesome but not really for Y2J's return, or at least not used well for that?
  17. I called it being Jericho's return as it didn't make sense for it to be Taker (the only other logical superstar), but I did not call him basically turning it into a troll gimmick. I thought he was returning with Steph to take over WWE and reclaim his spot as the best wrestler in the world. It turned out he trolled everyone, then had a "let's get CM Punk drunk" gimmick :emoji_slight_frown:.
  18. YES! I totally thought that he and Steph were coming to take over the WWE. Seriously! I think that would have been awesome and I was so psyched up and then he basically dismissed the vignette altogether and hoped we'd all forget them. And yeah.... the lets get Punk drunk gimmick was the worst..
  19. I would really, really, really rather see Cena & Rock both feuding with other guys.
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  20. But I thought maybe after he dismissed it that I was off and that it was really supposed to be for someone else (who did not end up debuting or something) you know? In any event, the vignette were not used well at all and they were SO COOL.


    Agreed. That match at WM was good enough. Its over. I fear that if they have a feud again that this time it will end with Cena winning and I don't think he should.
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