News Cedric Alexander Says WWE Is Being Racist With Treatment Of The New Day Faction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 18, 2015.

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  2. Singing and dancing is a black stereotype? I thought all races sing and dance. Fuck this moron.
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  3. Water is wet.


    *waits for the call from the dirtsheets*
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  4. Being stereotypical isn't the same thing as being racist. Some folks need to learn the difference.

    The New Day gimmick is stupid, but it isn't "racist." Wrestling has always been laden with stereotypes. We've had stereotypical cult leaders, rednecks, blacks, Indians, Mexicans, preachers, televangelists, etc. You name it. It isn't racist just because they decide to stereotype you based on your skin color.
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  5. Wouldn't Bray Wyatt's be considered racist too? I mean, we can all nitpick and call anything racist if it has a lick of stereotypes or something.
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  6. People get mad way too easily these days lol
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    Giving a shit gimmick to a black person automatically means racism? Oh ffs. And seriously, dancing and singing? I'd understand if they'd be raping, stealing, eating watermelons + KFC and having this as their theme but I don't see anything offending with dancing and singing
  8. John Travolta would out dance this clown any day of the week, Pulling the old race card shit to get him noticed and talked about as his garbage wrestling is not doing it for him, stay off the McDonalds fat fuck
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  9. Can we all just drink a beer on this one?
  10. He could also stop no selling top rope sunset flip powerbombs and things of the sort
  11. entertain me black man
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Not everything has to do with racism, Jesus people can be so sensitive... There's no reason to be offended.
  14. Wasn't 3mb a stable of three white guys singing and dancing? lol
  15. You're 2/3 correct.
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  16. Oh, yeah, there was jinder mahal. He's got that special talent of making people forget him
  17. And no one's better at it.
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  18. better at what?
  19. Who?
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  20. Do not dare mock The Jinder. None of you. With the right booking and handling, he could have been the next Steve Austin or Rock. WWE missed out on yet another promising talent that could have taken the business to new heights. :sad1:
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