"Celebration" photo (spoiler)

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  1. Bully Ray tweeted the following photo just a few minutes ago on his Twittah machine with a simple tweet that read, "Celebrating...."

    Doesn't he look so thrilled? :haha:

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  2. He's thinking the following....

    I'm about to hit that... But that used to swim in hulks nut sack...

    Does that mean I'm gonna have sex with hogans nut sack?

    Meow meow meow meow...
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  3. I wasn't gonna hit it.

    Until you mentioned Hulk's nutsack :ksi: :fap:

  4. ^ :lol1:

    You both are just soooooo wrong. :ryan:
  5. He looks like he's going to die in a few moments. :haha:
  6. He might. :hogan:
    What if Brooke has a vagina dentata? :eww:
  7. Then probably Joey Ryan sleazed all over her. :ryan:
  8. :hmm: Maybe Ryan has a dick of steel. :ryan:
  9. PIPEBOMB!:woo1:
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