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*Todd Is seen exiting The Syndicate's locker room with his title belt and his wrestling gear still on. He has just defeated Chris Young and has just finished celebrating with the rest of The Syndicate when he bumps into Faith Brewer*

Todd McKay: Fancy meeting you here Faith.

*Todd is visibly tipsy from drinking during the celebrations*

Faith Brewer: Todd, you've just won your first ever title in Ignition. How does it feel?

Todd McKay:Well you see Faith. I feel on top of the world. Honestly I could go for like three more matches right now and probably would win them all. I'm incredibly hyped up and I don't care about what Bryce has to say about this victory. I don't care if he calls it a fluke. 'Cause do you know what? This is a victory for me. No longer will I be seen as the lucky upstart, now people will see me for who I really am. A threat to any title put in front of me. I don't care if Jet attempts to take the title off of me because I'm going to put everything into keeping this title and nobody is going to take it from me unless I let them

Faith Brewer: Wow. There you have it guys a very emotional message from Todd McKay fresh off of his Intercontinental title victory

*Todd falls over because of the amount of alcohol in his system as the other Syndicate members come out and bring him back into their locker room
OOC: Sorry for the short promo this week but I don't really have much free time due to revision and other stuff
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