Celebrities that are fans of Professional Wrestling?

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  1. Going to update this thread regularly.
    Just going to list a few.
    If you know anyone else you can post.

    David Arquette - WCW World Champion, starred in movies such as Scream.

    Hopsin - Underground Rapper

    Freddie Prinze Jr. - Actor and working as producer for WWE.

    Mike Tyson - Boxer and WWE Hall of Famer class of 2012

    Snoop Dogg/Lion - Rapper and had 3 appearances on WWE

    Shaquille O' Neal - Retired Basketball player

    Macaulay Culkin - Actor most notable Home Alone

    Eminem - Rapper and Fan of Wrestling for 5 years

    Hugh Jackman - Actor (Known in X-Men)

    Adam Sandler - Actor and fan of Professional Wrestling(Appearence at Wrestlemania 21)

    Will Sasso - Actor and is a fan of wrestling. Has appeared for WCW, WWF/E, ect.
  2. Hopsin is? :O
  3. The Aussie boy, his name escapes me though. The one Ziggler sold the punch from.
  4. Yeah.
    He post Wrestling remarks and confirmed that he watches it somewhere.


    Is he a fan or just a guest host. Jack Hughman,
  5. You've just reminded me, Hugh Jackman haha, think he's genuinely a wrestling fan, no evidence though :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. Hugh Jackman is supposed to be a real wrestling fan
  7. Adam Sandlerrrrrrrrrrrr. Haaaa
  8. Dwayne Johnson
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  9. ^ Gay answer :twat:
  10. :okay:

    Go away Barton :fergie:
  11. :idiot:
    Okay, back on topic. Adam Sandler is a fan?
  12. I thought Sandler wasn't a fan. I remember he made fun of wrestling in a post on some website.
  13. That one stooge who came out dressed as Hogan.
  14. I thought all the stooges hated wrestling, remember their appearance?
  15. Only one Stooge talked bad about WWE, the one with the big hairdo. The fat one who played Hogan loves wrestling and has worked with WWE before. He gained a lot of fame on Mad TV for his Steve austin imitation in the 90's
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  16. I've heard Jim Carrey is a fan, and I would like to think Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fan.
  17. I added Adam Sandler. Will also add other after I confirm.


    What about Selena Gomez?
  18. Liked

    Have you seen Waterboy? Big Show was in that movie!
  19. Yes Waterboy with Big Show as KIa says was so epic lmao!