News Celebrity Angle Confirmed For RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Hope JBL's got a few Clothesline(s) From Hell left.
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  2. This would be fun to see. I love jbl.
  3. Waste of a segment leading up to WM.. just nix it pronto!
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  4. Yeah, just have JBL clothesline from hell that dude and get it over with.
  5. SHOOT SIMMONS SHOOT :booker2:

  6. I'd love to click "Agree" but it's not like whatever segment it's replacing would be time better spent
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  7. Having a random midcard match like Fandango vs Rose would be time better spent. :bischoff:
  8. I'd rather have a random Divas match :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.. now if it was JBL vsing someone well.. credible? I'd be a little bit more intrigued.
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  9. Well, this seems to be setting up a potential angle for next week's RAW.

  10. Watch... it'll be JBL vs. Simmons at wrestlemania because of this just for a throw in match.
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  11. LOL, fuck no.
  12. Doubt they would do that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, they're already wasting a RAW segment on it please don't waste a segment from the MAIN PPV on it lol.

    Lol god I hope not.. 2 segments like this on the last RAW before WM? That's just not cool in my book haha.
  13. Yeah, the mofos just gotta find a way to mess it up.
  14. I'd be more okay with Snoop & Axel (strictly for entertainment value) than I would with JBL & Simmons.. at least the Snoop/Axel one would get SOME reaction imo.
  15. Final RAW before 'Mania and it turns out that they're doing this? Things aren't climaxing, we're getting the worst RTWM possible. Thanks Vince.
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  16. Out of all the RTWMs I've personally seen go down live, this has been one of the worse I'd say out of damn near 16 of them maybe even 17.
  17. I honestly have only been around for WM28 onwards, but then again at least the main eventers had faced off in the ring more than just once in an interview saved by Paul Heyman. I'll take your word for it that the others have probably been better then.

    I was honestly even expecting some guys to tell me some other event's been worse, but damn it, they really outdid themselves here. Heck, last year was mainly centered around Bryan vs Authority, Undertaker vs Brock and Cena vs Wyatt with Bryan taking up a lot of screen time. This year, how they went wrong with more good singles matches brewing up (Stardust vs Goldust, Miz vs Mizdow) and two actual midcard title feuds (Ambrose's quest for the IC title and Cena vs Rusev) and instead of capitalizing on what could actually top WM30, they go for celebrities nobody cares about sandwiched in between some good and some bad. And they're keeping half of the good midcard promos on Youtube. I honestly don't get that. Why would they keep promos on YouTube when they turn out to be some of the wrestler's best? (like Ambrose and Stardust)
  18. Both would be filler segments, so to hell with 'em.
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