Cena and D-Bry spend Christmas with The Bella's

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Dat Beard! :mog:
  2. Someone's comment.
  3. I can see D-bry being with Brie...
    But Cena don't look good with Nikki.
  4. Dbry dresses like a bum :dawg:
  5. Wonder if they did a gang bang for Christmas.
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  6. HE'S A LUMBERJACK! :angry:
  7. :dawg:

    mini Lesnar
  8. SHAG TEAM MATCH playah!
  9. :bitw: > you
  10. Well, duh.
  11. :maybe:
  12. Nikki will probably break with Cena as soon as they have their first kiss.
  13. Is Cena allergic to anything other than shorts? Everyone else is dressed like winter time, this dummy come to the party in his ring gear minus the logos like it's a summer barbeque or something.

    ~Three Said That~
  14. To be fair, the Bellas are from California, Cena has been forced to wear shorts for the past 10 or so years and lives in Florida. He just might have forgotten that there are other kinds of pants.
  15. Lol he just wears variations of his ring gear. #Dedication
  16. So he's legit living his gimmick 24/7?
  17. Hah, Cena's dating the one that looks like a tranny. Next step up is a dude with an undersized dick (Zach)
  18. Good for them.
  19. I still cant believe Cena is dating Nikki its not long since he got divorced

    I can buy the Brie/Daniel relationship as they have been together a while and I can predict they will get married in 2013

    Wonder what their dad thinks of their boyfriends?
  20. Cena = $$$$$ I'm sure the dad is fine with it. Better than her dating Maddox who'll be broke within weeks.
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