Cena as a transitional champion?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Does anyone else think this would be the best way to book the next two PPVs as far as the WWE WHC is concerned? Have Cena go over Boreton (Jesus anything to end that reign) and then we get either Cena vs Brock 1 on 1 or Cena in a crazy star studded EC match where Brock comes out as champion.

    Then we get Brock vs the RR winner, which sadly will probably be Batista. whammy.

    anyway, basically I guess the idea behind my premise is fuck Orton, get him removed from anything important ASAP. Everything he touches turns to... something really mediocre and boring. I had something for this.
  2. Cena vs. Wyatt sucks dick.
    Cena vs. Orton vs. Lesnar vs. Batista in a Fatal 4-way elimination match would be cool
  3. There will probably be some interferance leading to Orton winning..... unfortunately. I don't like his title reign either. But, he'll probably have the title past RR.
  4. Why not Cena vs Taker? Isn't that what people want? Orton can just fuck right off

    Brock vs Batista
    Taker vs Cena
    Punk vs HHH
    Bryan vs... idk Wyatt, Sheamus, who gives a fuck lol

    Probably. I guess it doesn't make a difference if its Cena or Orton who wins since the title will most likely be defended in the EC. Brock/Cena/Orton/DB/Wyatt/Punk? something like that with Brock coming out the victor if there is any justice in life.
  5. With Bryan probably winning at 'Mania.
  6. vs Sheamus, yea probably.
  7. I'll be really happy if Sheamus turns heel for that match.
  8. It would be good, but everyone will bitch.

    But that will only increase my enjoyment :dawg:
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  9. Only if Brocks match is 1 on 1 given their chemistry last time. If its an EC match (most likely ) then no just make them the final 2.
  10. I would much rather see them in a 1 on 1 match, but wtf else would the Chamber be for?

    Maybe the Chamber match can be for a 2nd #1 contender spot at Mania for a triple threat?

    idk I just want to see Brock vs Cena again :meh:
  11. If they're serious about uniting the midcard titles that could be a solid place to do it. An EC co main with Big E, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Punk and another. Run Bryan vs Wyatt, ADR vs Tista, Orton vs whoever (Kofi?). Its far from a great card but its all somewhat logical. US and IC get unified in a big moment, Shield go in to help Ambrose , Punk wants the Shield etc. Could be a good spot to highlight the cracks too (Reigns accidentally spearing Ambrose again or something.)
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  12. I can dig it.
  13. Literally no reason to not do this. The RTWM cannot be exciting until Orton drops the belt.
  14. Yeah nice idea give Cena another pointless championship reign so he can surpass Flair sure nice
  15. People care about Flairs record? Cena will never be held in the same reguard whether he has 20,30 or even 40 reigns.
  16. Yeah, as a matter of fact, people do.
  17. I'd actually be fine with that, even if it means Cena with the belt. Not worse than Orton. Although if they're doing a Chamber match for the belt, I'd be alright with Orton holding the belt until then as well.
  18. Seems dumb, what does it matter?
  19. People, or you? He is going to pass Flair, you may as well shed those tears now and get it over with. Matter fact I bet he wins his 16th and/or 17th at Mania and they make a huge deal about it.

    Then orton will pass him because #wwelogic
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