Cena comments on CM Punk's achievement on Twitter

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Dec 6, 2012.

  3. I'm not buying that Punk is hurt. Call me what you will, but I'm not buying it. I think it is for story purposes. We are smart enough to see that Punk didn't injure himself on RAW. If Punk was injured prior, I don't believe they would ignore it and risk him making the injury more severe. By taking Punk out of his 3rd PPV in a row with Ryback (which Punk would've won again, we all know it), they can now insert "The Shield" into the spotlight, and when Punk faces The Rock and the Rumble, Punk can lose (blaiming the injury), as WWE loves making their stars have excuses for the reasons they lose. If you still think I'm crazy, WWE did this angle two weeks ago when John Cena went down supposedly with the same injury. A week went by and he wrestled no problem, yet we are suppose to believe Punk needs a 7 week rehab? I'm not.
  4. I do agree with you but you also have to take into account that some people heal faster than others.
  5. There was a video of CM Punk being carried out of the arena off-air, then he immediately went to hospital for a check up. There is also a video of him causing the injury at Survivor Series when the table smashed into his leg. It's a legit injury, but they will probably use it for storyline purposes and rightly so.
  6. Cena kissing ass as always
  7. If it were anybody else, I'd say you're right. But it's Punk. This is the guy who starts Twitter feuds in-character for fun (of course, his character is extremely close to his real-life persona, so...).

    I think he's legit injured, but it does seem a little too convenient, particularly considering that he came out immediately after the surgery and told WWE he could go to work right away and that they've acknowledged that he won't miss any TV time.

    Like I said, I figure he's actually hurt and they're keeping him out for his safety and to heal, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out the injury was a work.

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