WrestleMania Cena could turn heel at WM29

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  1. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that there has been internal discussion regarding turning John Cena heel and revealing him as the leader of The Shield at WrestleMania 29 during the conclusion of his match against WWE Champion The Rock.

    The idea is to have Cena snap and turn heel for not being able to gain redemption and face The Rock in a rematch at Extreme Rules, as well as an idea for Cena to go over, gain the respect of The Rock and face off against The Shield at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.
  2. That would be so lame. I'd hate it if he's involved with The Shield somehow.
  3. Yeah If he turns heel he better doesnt mess with the shield
  4. I'd rather he turned heel ala SCSA at WM 17.
  5. I hope he does, he needs this turn, everyone needs this turn, I don't want him to be involved with the shield though, although it may turn out to be a good thing.

    Anyway, I think we should just stop dreaming about this turn, it seems like it will never happen, as long as they know it will please us and give us multiple orgasms per second they will never go for it. lol
  6. :haha: Cena heel turn.

    Really though, will be surprised if that happens. Also would be pissed if they wind up having him be involved with The Shield since 1.) that's stupid and 2.) I really like them and don't want him fucking that up.
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  7. I'd mark hard if he hits like his 3rd AA (or 2nd, if they don't want to exaggerate as they always do) and Rock kicks out, then we have the classic ref bump and then Cena contemplates using a chair and after a long, long time goes for it. Beats Rock up with a chair and wins. Oh, would I mark.
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  8. Meltzer
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  9. Came to say what the bully did.
  10. Cena makes a bad heel.
  11. Holy wowza Batman, I've never heard this before. The guy was dope in 03 / 04 with the rapper shit IMO.
  12. The only way I could see him turning Heel is by snapping and even then would it be profitable from a business stand point? I.E he's a kid market driven wrestler.
  13. You could argue it would generate more interest Hogan style.
  14. That wigger shit was lame, yo.
  15. Lol same.
  16. Would be the best ending for the match IMO, good work Leo :obama:
  17. I already think he is.
  18. that would be sick.
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