Cena doesn't sell very well in a cage

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  1. If have noticed this before, none so much as this past Sunday.
    He over sells badly, every time he gets close to a fence he accelerates and leaps into it, often with the opponent hardly using any force. I reversed play and watched these a few times, almost every time he is just far too eager to smash himself into the fence - Once he jumped into a fence and Bray had barely moved his arm, Cena for seemingly no reason picked up speed, crouched and dutifully leaped into the cage.
    Granted, its all fake and planned, but Cena makes it really hard to suspend believe because the natural inclination of anyone about to be hurled into metal would be to try to avoid the impact rather than helping ... I've noticed he is the same way around any steel steps, always picking up speed and hurling himself into them.

    He really needs to work on this, gives me the impression that he is trying to sell more to 7 year olds than adults. I'd much rather see only 5 cage hits if they are semi realistic than 20 that are badly staged.

    I always got the same impression from lame moves like "old school", where the "victim" has to help maintain UT's balance and patiently wait to be smashed instead of just knocking him off the rope. Suplexes off the top rope are not much better, the "victim" obviously has to cooperate and help out with positioning and a jump in order for it to happen, but at least the result is fairly impressive, unlike mindlessly diving into a fence.
  2. I noticed on at least two occasions where Cena did this Sunday. I agree with you.
  3. Well, he is an over achiever and an over seller as well, I guess thats logical.
    I'm sure he any others in positions of authority must review his matches looking for errors, obviously can't be easy in the heat of the moment to get everything right all the time ,,, But I can't believe he himself hasn't noticed this tendency, probably is aware of it but in his lust to create a memorable performance he just can't help himself and maybe doesn't realize that most adults would find it odd to see someone throw themselves into steel instead of trying to avoid it.
    To top it off, getting thrown into a fence isn't going to hurt an average man all that much anyhow unless you hit a post ,,, These guys running into a floppy fence then acting like they got hit by a truck is just ludicrous.

    I can't help but wince every time I see him do it though, he really needs to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity.
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