Cena excited for V-Day

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  1. Maybe he's getting a three way with Brie or that porn star :ksi:
  2. :NO: I'm not sure how Bryan would feel about that [​IMG]

    I wonder if it is Nikki though. :hmm:
  3. FOUR WAY! :FAP:
  4. [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Checked the Bella twins twitter and nikki posted this

    Nicole & Brianna [email protected]
    Superman here I come N

    I think the N means nikki and she's referring to Cena as superman.
  7. You think he yells in the bedroom before they fuck? I WILL MAKE YOU CUM!! :ANGRY:
  8. lol I don't know but now I have that visual, thank you lol.
  9. Always here to help :jeritroll:
  10. :eww: Awful.... just....awful.

    I wondered if he and Nikki were still considered an "item" or if he was doing whoever.
  11. So you wouldn't want to be in Nikki's shoes?
  12. Yeah, no. Cena doesn't do it for me, sorry. The thought of fucking him is near vomit inducing. I dislike him that much.
  13. :LOL1: Have I told you lately that you're awesome?
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  14. :haha: Why thank you! :otunga: The feeling is mutual. :emoji_wink:
  15. John Cena is probably happy because he was in a marriage with a woman who for whatever reason was mean to him. Now he's in a fresh new relationship and it probably feels good to not have to hear complaining and b*ing over everything. I don't know how the relationship was with him and his ex wife but it seems like it wasn't a good relationship and it was more of a one sided show. Who knows how much of its true, but I remember reading something about his ex wife withholding sex from him, drinking all the time and them fighting every time he was home. I guess the woman couldn't handle being married to a part time husband but you have to expect that... I mean you are marring JOHN CENA. HELLO!? lol
  16. Slow news day, eh?
  17. It was the only wrestling related V-Day news I could find :willis:
  18. DB and Brie are hiking in Sedona. :yay:

    Yeah, I don't know any wrestling VD news either, but that's OK since I don't really care. lol

    Anti-Valentine, #killcupid, etc. :haha:
  19. @"Leo C" is turning heel
  20. he gon get dat dick wet ya'll
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