News Cena feeds WWE?

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  1. In a recent interview Vince McMahon was asked why they aren't demoting John Cena from the main event and he stated, " Cena is the main event until his time is clearly up. That man feeds us!"

    One thing is, Steve Austin is the most profitable star in WWE history, he had a few main events and Lesnar matches left in him, but he was demoted to midcard ranks? Another thing is Triple H was never a profitable star but he was a treated as a top draw for YEARS.

    WWE just loves John Cena.....Even though most don't

    From Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  2. Austin was dropped to the mid card when his star power had dwindled a fair bit in 02/03 plus he was very banged up so couldn't have been the main star much longer. Trips is the heel who works with the draw for much of his career he was the piper to Rock's and partly Austin's Hogan plus he was possibly their biggest star for the transition from attitude to Cena era. Politics played a part at times but he always fit his role.
  3. I remember Austin's last match was at Mania against The Rock as the main event. Up until that match he was always the guy in my book, no matter what role he had within the company. I know the only reason why Hogan got the Rock is because SCSA and Hogan refused to lose to one another. Stone Cold was always their guy, just as Cena is theirs now.
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