Cena hater rant.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheTNHMaster, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. Wanna know why da Black Jizzy don't don't give a fuck bout Cena, biatch? Well, letz just say, dat I peep where tha Cena hatas is comin from. I just realize dat Cena be as Triple H would say "Best fo' bidnizz". I KNOW why Cena is "shoved down our throats". Letz take dis weeks Raw fo' example. I KNOW why you would be mad over Sandow losin his chedda up in yo, but dat was one part up in a overall phat Raw. If you don't give a fuck bout a Raw cuz Cena won a match, you seriously need ta step away from wrestlin fo' a while (maybe forever). Da playas whoz ass call Cena a cold-ass lil cancer is mo' fuckin wack. Cena has overall helped tha bidnizz, how tha fuck has dat schmoooove muthafucka hurt it, biatch? Not bein tha dopest technical wrestla up there, biatch? Cena is pushed as hard as he is since his schmoooove ass can be marketed towardz both hatas n' fans. Yo ass peep dem "Our thugged-out asses don't give a fuck bout Cena" shirts, biatch? Da playas whoz ass don't give a fuck bout Cena is buyin his crazy-ass merch. If you tune up in every last muthafuckin week n' whine over Cena...what is you bustin, biatch? Here is some options fo' you Cena haters.

    1. Don't watch
    2. Skip over his thugged-out lil' parts
    3. Ignore him
    4. Don't feed scrilla tha fuck into his crazy-ass merch
    Fuck dat shit, 5 options ta do if you don't give a fuck bout Cena, not so hard, is they, biatch? I be Black Jizzy, n' I be out
  2. Your terminology exceeds my expectations. That was beautiful.
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  3. And this, ladies and gentlemen, are why Ebonics-To-English translators come in handy...
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  4. This thread is worse than Cena.
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  5. I take that as a compliment
  6. Cena is entertaining imo. Also a pretty good worker.
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  7. We have Cena haters here?
  8. I have no idea, maybe. I was rappin' bout Cena haters, never holla'd any was here.
  9. That might as well have been written in Finnish. I have no idea what the Thread was about. :idk:
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  10. Terrible thread and a shit gimmick.
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  11. And we about to make you famous, taking over Earth and still kickin in Uranus

  12. That's easy to do, since Cena is an incredible wrestler and a 14 time world champion.
  13. TNH is a pussy.
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  14. [​IMG]


  15. kayfabe
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  16. Doctor of thugonomics needs to be back lol
  17. No that's a shoot, brother brother.
  18. I sort of assumed it was you ranting about hating Cena. My brain started to hurt around the second sentence.

  19. lol....

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  20. Want to know why Black Jesus doesn't give a fuck about Cena, bitch? Well, lets just say that I see where the Cena haters come from. I realise that Cena is as Triple H would say "best for business". I know why Cena is "shoved down our throats". Lets take this weeks RAW for example. I know why you would be mad over Sandow losing his briefcase on the show, but that was one part from an overall good RAW. If you don't give a fuck about a RAW show because Cena won a match, you seriously need to take a step away from wrestling for a while (maybe forever). The people who call Cena the cancer of WWE are lame. Cena overall has helped the business, how has he hurt it, bitch? By not being the best technical wrestler? Cena is pushed as hard as he is because he can be marketed to both his fans and his haters. You people wear the "We don't give a fuck about Cena" t-shirts? The people who don't give a fuck about Cena are buying his merch... If you turn up every week and whine over Cena, what's your problem, bitch? Here are some options for the Cena haters:

    1) Don't watch the show
    2) Skip over his parts
    3) Ignore him
    4) Don't buy his "anti-cena" merchandise
    5) Stop watching WWE if you hate it so much

    You have 5 options to pick from, it's not so hard is it, bitch? I'm Black Jesus, and I'm over ranting.

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