Cena have not been champion since ages

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  1. Guys I'm bored to see a guy like Sheamus defending the world title several times although Cena can do a lot more than that as well as C M Punk.Now I know that Punk's been a great wwe champion but Cena in his prime was way lot better . Just think how he dfended successfully his wwe title at WM against hhh. Boy it has been ages since he has held that belt I hope he captures it in a way that only Cena can at Raw 1000 agaist Punk
  2. Only been a year :pity: and Cena's best title reign was when he had feuds with Edge and JBL to me.
  3. Yeah Well Derpy my friend don't you think a whole year is too long to wait for Cenation fans
  4. I think the title should be either in Bryan's hands, Ziggler's hands, or Cody Rhodes's hands personally. They need to give the title to someone fresh, not just another multiple time champion.
  5. lol...

    Isn't Cena still supposed to be in his prime? If so, this point is invalid. :pity:

    Anyways, that brings up another point. Cena's domination might end soon, I mean, he is getting older (35 years old), so in a few years, he must pass the torch, to Daniel Bryan or the Miz maybe. (CM Punk is already a multiple time champions and is a main eventer, he already has the torch, lol).
  6. Cena will definitely win the wwe championship but I'm just waiting when plus Y2J cena is still a mainj eventer but he needs to have the title for starting a new story in wwe
  7. Cena best champion ever!!1
  8. Screw Cena, just giving him the title one more damn time won't help at all. They need to change a few things on his character to stop me from feeling like killing someone every time he wins the title. Until Cena stops being a baby pleasing, no jobbing, corny joking superman I want him to suck a dick. But guess what? Instead of using his losses to Rock and match with Lesnar to make things interesting, they keep shoving him down our throats every damn week and I don't doubt he'll win the title soon. :facepalm:
  9. I'm all for a Cena title reign if it's interesting. Debut a brand new amazing heel around him, or spice Cena's character up to make him more badass, or have him in a good interesting feud. But if they're sticking the title on him because "he hasn't had it in a year" and ratings then gtfo. Cena atm is worse than he's ever been.
  10. That's the problem, when you have a "if they do it well it's good, otherwise it'll suck" scenario in the WWE, we need to hope they scrap it because when it's a situation like this it'll be booked into crap. And a Cena title reign right now is exactly that. Cena could be booked into being interesting again in many different ways but they never do it, we'll get the corny John Cena we always get if he wins the title. Again.
  12. Plus, Cena was the WWE Champion between NoC and HIAC. It's been a year since he lost the belt to Punk at MITB, but he's been WWE champ after that (shouldn't be a surprise).
  13. This reminds me of Extreme Rules 2011... when the commentators were shocked by Cena winning the belt for the first time in a year, after "having a horrendous 2010 where he was a slave to the Nexus and even fired!"

    Meanwhile, Christian won the World Title for first time in who-knows how many years with WWE, and countless other superstars haven't even had a chance! It's hard to care about Cena being stuck out of the title picture for a year while Kofi Kingston's been stuck in a filler role for the past 6 years.
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  14. Exactly, look at someone like Mark Henry too, it took him 15 years to get that title, that was way longer then when John Cena had gotten to at least 5 reigns. They need to build up superstars like Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, The Miz(once more), R-Truth, and other young talents to get that title. Cena had plenty of reigns, who really cares.
  15. I agree with you guys but the wwe as far as it seems will not make anything ''spicy''............that brings me to cena. plus with his MITBcontract he will definitely win once more the plan is to work cena to the spot of taker .......................................................whether you like it or not
  16. and if they keep shoving crap like that down people's throats, say goodbye to your fans.
  17. Exactly. So many superstars haven't had one chance, and Cena stays what, 8 months without the title and people go "oh my i'm so sad for cena he doesn't get a chance anymore make him champ now". Damn.
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