Cena heel turn at NOC

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  1. Cena heel turn at NOC would be epic to see we all question when he will turn heel and I think WWE need to shock the world and do this everyone would be marking out he turned heel. I really want this Cena is so stale being face
  2. Not happening. Would be sooo random. I don't want Cena to have a flopped heel turn, I want it to have some good build.
  3. That would possibly be the most retarded thing ever.
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  5. the words "Cena" and "Heel" just don't get along .
  6. I don't think we'll see a Cena heel turn any time soon.
  7. This would make this much sense " " - There's been no build and Cena has been a firm face the past few weeks, he wasn't even edgy or talking shit. You can't just heel turn straight away, it has to be built up.
  8. :haha:

    Not happening unfortunately, especially when Punk is the best heel -- with Roode -- in professional wrestling atm.
  9. thats not true, plenty of people have turned heel without any build.

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    who wants a predictable heel turn? no fun in that
  10. Mostly mid-carders or had a logical tie in. You can't turn the only star in WWE heel at a random PPV for no real reason lmao.
  11. with Cena you cant because he's had so many opportunities to turn heel and never taken any, so it wouldnt make sense for him to out of nowhere take one. Still doesnt take away from my statement that you dont need buildup to turn heel. If anything buildup ruins a heel turn because it takes the shock value out of it.
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  12. One can turn with no build, yes, but that's not the case for Cena, at all.
  13. :dawg::pity:
  14. I think we get a Cena heel turn thread before every PPV
  15. As is tradition #Canada
  16. No he won't. Makes no sense for him to turn heel now. Punk will win and Heyman will distract Cena.
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