Cena interrupting Punk's celebration on NXT.

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  1. After the dark moment of Seth Rollins and CM Punk vs Kassius Ohno and Antonio Cesaro, Seth and Punk had a nice celebration going in the center of the ring. Then Cena interrupted this on the 'tron to announce that he'll be at NXT soon.

    Fast forward to about 2:00 in.

    They showed this on wwe.com to show how Cena ruined Punk's moment (yet again)... so lets all have fun with the terribly produced WWE.com version of this.

  2. Think I said it in another thread but this is fantastic. Continuing the "Cena stealing my spotlight" feud on a lesser show is perfect. It was just a lack luster promo from Cena, but it served a purpose. I didn't expect a pipebomb on a backstage promo for NXT.
  3. When is this? They're obviously planning on keeping Punk tweener by then which is great news.

    Oh and KoW teaming is also awesome to see, never knew of this match.
  4. It was a dark match at the last tapings. Sadly, WWE has taken down all the video of the match... you know, because a dream match of this caliber just couldn't be seen by anyone outside of Florida.

    But they're bringing it up on the website since Punk stole Cena's spotlight again.
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  5. I hate Cena.
  6. hate is such a strong word :bury:
  7. Shouldn't have been on NXT since it doesn't get that much attention and CM Punk and Seth Rollins should have had that moment. Bringing Cena though will be a good thing though I guess, maybe getting attacked or interrupted by Punk after his match at NXT too.
  8. Already posted like a week ago, but whatever. Good way to further storyline.
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