Cena & Kane Discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. That last promo most people will agree was pretty awesome. I wish Chicago would of performed louder boo's though, unlike them. But it did definitely do its job last night, Cena's facial expressions sold it all last night which is rare. Kane was fantastic, it's going to lead to a slow burning heel turn definitely. It's just whether they pull the trigger before or at Wrestlemania now.

    Can't wait for next week. Discuss!
  2. What a show! Kane is definitely helping Cena turn heel although I preferred to have the mute Kane again
  3. Kane couldn't really be mute though we've heard him speak plus with keyfabe being 99% dead they couldn't really spin it.
  4. I'm glad he spoke to be honest, it makes this new Kane even newer. He's good on the mic, and he's being used to turn Cena heel so we think. This is great.
  5. Back to your original point it seems that when they want cena to be booed the fans ease up such as the piper promo and tonight. The crowd wasn't that great for me. There wasn't alot of energy to them beside when punk showed up.
  6. They didn't do any exciting chants, expected much more. There was a lot more females/kids in this crowd compared with MITB. Though I'm actually glad that they had a let's go cena, cena sucks chant at the end. It added a lot more to the feud, a small portion still liking him but the majority not liking him. It's perfect in my opinion.
  7. I personally wanted the cena sucks to have been vocal with the let's go cena in proportion like someone took the tape from last night and doubled the volume.
  8. Yeah fair enough. I wander when though they're going to make Cena turn? I'd personally like it at WM, but that's one hell of a slow burn.
  9. Cenas turn has essentially been built since 2006 with the fans really though so I can see them holding off until mania. The biggest problem I have is they might not turn him and just keep on the rise above hate gimmick apparently Vince has shot down many attempts of a cena heel turn.
  10. Yeah but I find it hard to believe John will stay face for the rest of his career, as Vince knows how much the fans are fed up. And if you could pain a perfect picture for a heel turn, what would it be? It'd be Cena facing one of the biggest superstars at all time, at wrestlemania in front of the other superstars home fans. Hello WM 28 in Miami against Rock. There's no way Rock's going over Cena in my books, it'd be so bad for the business, so I'm thinking a WM heel turn will happen.