News Cena legit injured...only not in the knee

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. Pwinsider.

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  2. Damn Nikki must like it rough.
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  3. Wonder if it's bad enough that he'll end up having to take time off after Mania. If so, I smell an injury angle at the hands of the Wyatts coming up.
  4. Groin tears can be absolutely horrible. So unless Cena has some serious dirt on WWE doctors he very well will be taking time out post mania. They wanted him off the house shows this weekend but apparently refused.
  5. Fuck you can hate Cena, but you def have to respect what he has done for WWE. Looks like Bray is going to be taking the big W for sure, and it will work great for both. Cena puts over young talent and gets time off, and Wyatts get to carry the biggest name in the company into god knows where.
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  6. Cena is a tough bastard....I wanna hug him....and then just touch his arms....just a touch.
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  8. Come at me bro .....:ksi:
  9. The champ doesnt worry about the peons son.

    You want a history lesson come find me, ill bury you gladly :pity2:
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  10. [​IMG]

    Hehehe groin
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  12. That was from Dave Meltzer. I don't trust that at all.
  13. Am I in some alternative universe where Meltzer isn't the only reputable and credible wrestling "journalist"?
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  14. Despite reports to the contrary, including one that we reported here as well, John Cena is not suffering from a groin tear (or groin strain). Apparently Cena is simply continuing to sell the attack from The Wyatt Family from Monday’s RAW.

    Additionally, there was no admonition from doctors for Cena not to work this weekend. It is simply a case of Cena selling the attack and a way of explaining how he’s able to work at the weekend live events despite being “hospitalized” on television on Monday.


    So let me get this, correct me if im wrong :yes:1) We think he's injured on Raw 2):hmm: Its a storyline 3) :why:He was actually injured 4) :please:Again its a story 5) :tough:Its a different injury 6) :annoyed: its not a real injury. :mog:

    SO WHICH IS IT!? :angry:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  15. Merged
  16. The insider is just as if not more credible.
  17. GAY!
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  18. Outside of his neon shirt Cena's quickly becoming impossible to hate.
  19. Cena has a groin!?!?!?!? :damnn:
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