Night of Champions Cena/Lesnar rematch confirmed for Night of Champions

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    Just days after losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a brutal beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar, John Cena invoked his automatic rematch clause and will get his chance at a 16th World Title at Night of Champions.

    The decision, announced by WWE COO Triple H exclusively on WWE Network during WWE Main Event, shocked the WWE Universe, still reeling after witnessing the pummeling Cena took from The Beast Incarnate at SummerSlam.
  2. Lesnar should do nothing but Tiger suplexes this time around.
  3. BREAKING NEWS! Triple H has just announced on Main Event that John Cena has invoked his automatic rematch clause and will get his chance to face Brock Lesnar once again at Night of Champions!
  4. stupid move

    if Cena breaks Flair's record, it will be a utter discrace. Soemthing needs to be done about that, it is not fair. The great HHH or Orton should have broken that record.

    Cena is ruining this great artform
  5. He should also just scream after each suplex.

    Hope Lesnar destroys Cena again. Not a Cena hater, but it's a big lol for me to see the biggest name of the company getting their ass kicked. Don't know why :hmm:
  6. Whoops
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  7. Eat. Sleep. Conquer Cena Again. Repeat.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Brock vs Cena V....
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  9. Yep. They've faced at a PPV in their early years.
    It really couldn't have been any way else.
  10. Lesnar vs Cena: 2002
    Lesnar vs Cena: 2003
    Lesnar vs Cena: 2012
    Lesnar vs Cena: 2014
  11. If you can't explain why, then that's a bigger disappointment than the fact WWE supports Lesnar like a lost child.
  12. Why so ruff on Fooqy?
  13. My bad, he's cool. He really is.
    When 9/10 people tell me they are glad John Cena got his stem bent, it rubs me the wrong way.
    I could accept it, if it the man delivering the pun wasn't the man who delivered the pun.
    If I got one reason why Cena deserved it, I'd be cool. So far, he's stale. It's as if it's John Cena's f***Ing fault, he's stale.

    Cena is a puppet and I get that, but that's how that dude rolls and he makes a pocket full off of it.
    Believe it or not, Daniel Bryan isn't that different from Cena. It's funny he doesn't get near the hate, does he?
  14. Agreed.
  15. So glad Cena got his punk ass whooped in this completely fake and scripted fight. Dudes like you seriously ruin wrestling for me.
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  16. You're welcome. Wrestling does hurt and that's why your buddy is hurt so bad and may never lace his boots again.
    The neck is serious business. I can't stress this enough. Wrestling is choreographed. It isn't the fairy tale you want it to be.
    Brock hurts people and doesn't care that he does:

    If you watch the second video Holly is clearly sandbagging, but Lesnar did not have to f*** him up like that.
    You really believe wrestling is fake, that's fine. What those two videos and tell me Lesnar goes by the script.
  17. In all honesty it's still bad. Would you give a child a gun or knife? Doesn't matter the drug, its still bad either way
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  18. His neck is structurally fine. He's having problems with nerves. Big difference. If you're going to be a smart ass, do your homework.
  19. Did buddy. If his wrestling style wasn't so high risk, his neck would be fine. That's my point.
    I'm confused by this. Please explain.
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  20. Lesnar can belly to belly Big Show but he can't lift a sandbagging Hardcore Holly? Doubt it. He just had a hard time lifting him and he got hurt.
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