Cena might be WWE Champion at RR.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Source: PWInsider

    Oh I really hope they're not going to follow through with Cena vs Rock for the title.
  2. Please tell me this is card subject to change -_-. Cena needs to turn down the belt he's beyond it now far above it. The fear my name thing is interesting though who could that be?
  3. I think it could be an issue of card subject to change, well I hope it is. He's far beyond the belt atm with this Rock feud coming up.
  4. Card's are always subject to change.
    Vince changes his mind more times than I change my boxers.
  5. True, but anything with Cena is probable lol.
  6. Quick question, do you change your boxers much? :emoji_grin:
  7. Every day.
  8. if they are planning on giving it to cena its not for him vs rock i think the wwe have already expressed they do not want that because
    a) it would give away the winner and
    b) they don't need the title its already a blockbuster

    if they give cena the title its only because they plan on giving kane a run with the title (hopefully he will call the title ugly and make it cool again)
  9. Agree when you say they don't need it, the match draws itself. IF they do give him the title at Mania, it'll only be used to turn Cena heel.

    Yeah I don't see them giving Kane the title at all. I think this is simply a "card subject to change" affair, but it's always worth discussing. Nice to see you here btw Pipe_bomb :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. thanks for the welcome :emoji_grin: yeah i agree with that i mean i can say right now that Rock vs Cena and Undertaker vs ???? < will be matches that do not need that will make at least another two mote (hopefull) blockbusting matches being the WWE Championship Match and the WHC Championship Match
  11. Definitely. Good thing is with a match like Rock v Cena is that they can use WM to experiment or do something unexpected. Or have a feud that wouldn't normally make the card be in the main event. Stuff like that, because Rock v Cena is a definite draw. Millions of buys just for that match. As for Taker, I guess he's facing HHH -.-.
  12. the Rocky Cena match is even drawing in the older fans i remember at WM24 that even my none wrestling friends where buying WM because of mayweather it just show's that one match can sell a ppv as for Taker and HHH i seriously hope not why i want to see a new lost soul added not HHH for the third time twice is quite enough hopefully Vince will realize that
  13. Completely agree. Had enough of the rematches. It ruins the factor of 20-0 with facing multiple superstars more than once (HBK was different). I mean it's no surprise that Taker's last Wrestlemania will be the one after this one (if he makes it). And it will most certainly be against Cena, in a blockbuster match that will define this era. Even Cena haters would like to see that match. So I'd book this wrestlemania as Undertaker skipping it and waiting for WM29. OR I'd put him up against a rising star, a Barret or something. Or even Orton again. Take him right to the limit which still puts over the other star, and then isn't seen until next RTWM.

    That way he comes back, admits to this one being his last one, and bam this feud is already epic. Even if he boycots this wrestlemania, it'll make his inevitable return even more exciting, especially for the casual fans.

  14. to be honest i think i would much more prefer a Undertaker vs Jericho Fude thats something i am sure we would all like to say so if its not Jericho/Punk it has to be Jericho/Taker
  15. Oh definitely, I'd mark out for that too. The match would be insane, as would promos (any promo Jericho is in tends to be gold). God, anything related to Jericho would be the perfect Christmas gift. Can't tell if you realize I'm a big fan of his :emoji_wink:.
  16. well who is not a fan of the best in the world at what he does he is spectacular i have to admit imagine a promo with Punk and Jericho i think that would be a different kind of pipe bomb all together and i'm talking the kind that causes wars
  17. CM Punk > Jericho, sorry.
    Jericho = Egotistical and self-centered.
    Punk = Wants too push the new guys and help them because he has experience of how hard it is.
  18. i agree i mean i like Jericho and Punk but hell what punk had done this year alone (i've always liked him in wwe even through his hobo jesus stage) is just amazing he saved the wwe when it was at its lowest point
  19. Yeah because Jericho never put over Evan Bourne at fatal fourway or Jack Swagger when he cashed in MITB did he? Both of these instances made the man look better then he did before. Jericho never allowed himself to be the first man eliminated in the six pack challenge at NOC 2010. Jericho didn't allow John Cena to send him on the hiatus in 2005. Jericho is very well liked by all accounts back stage if he didn't want to any of these things and was as egotistical as you say he wouldn't.

    Think about it what new guys has Punk got pushed? The only one I can think of is Daniel Bryan. Quite honestly Vince wanted Bryan pretty badly apparently so I can see him having a few guaranteed title reigns in his contract.