Cena owns the person who runs the WWE website

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Cena owns the person who runs the WWE website with these tweets

    John Cena [email protected]
    Some #jackwagon from @wwe dotcom apparently posted me recovering in 14 days. I spoke in depth with my surgeon Dr James Andrews....

    John Cena [email protected]
    And he specifically told me due to the amount of fragmentation, SIX WEEKS is a safer time table for recovery. I apologize on behalf of a

    John Cena [email protected]
    Website whos credibility is now equal to #theonion please @wwe web guys, get your monkey frankin facts straight!

    John Cena [email protected]
    You folks have my word i will try my best to get healthy as quick as i can, and im sure i wont stay away from #raw but as of now...

    John Cena [email protected]
    I am supposed to lay low for SIX WEEKS. I will send surgery photos and video to @wwe so they can see how bad it really was..

    John Cena [email protected]
    I am also sure that if @wwe took a second to reach out to the actual surgeon, that Dr Andrews would gladly comment. #internetmalpractice

    John Cena [email protected]
    Ok, im now off the soap box and back to being just a one armed man. Enjoy your day.

    ^^^ Wow lol total ownage but yet he wont be punished for this where as if this was another wrestler they would be punishd on the spot

    But the good news is no John for six weeks yessssssssssssssss
  2. He's still going to be on television.
  3. Wow, I checked his Twitter, and these tweets are indeed there. Stunned.
  4. he talks like a 5 year old on twitter too?
  5. Get well soon John! :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  6. 140 Character limit.
  7. Doesn't Joey Styles run the website?
  8. He can't hear you. :pity:
  9. i wasnt talking about that. monkey frankin? im Mizing right now
  10. Just when I thought WWE.com couldn't look anymore shit than it already did.
  11. Yes he does.
  12. OK, Cena out of the ring for a while could be nice.
  13. If he's still going to be on RAW then expect a good angle around this.
  14. Yes, probably.
  15. This is the time for a new talent to step up and take John's spot and show how real wrestling is done
  16. to wwe it means its time for fella and snake boy to go into superman overdrive
  17. Yup, more Orton and Sheamus... yay...
  18. Orton has gone to film his movie hasn't he?
  19. I have no idea. :haha:
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