Cena/Punk RAW video

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Delbusto2, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Made a video from their match this past Monday. I was actually there for this match live since it was in Dallas, crowd was going insane, especially for the powerbomb and piledriver spots.

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  2. The prematch video package was phenomenal, video effects and sounds fit it very well. Props on you for that.

    Didn't like the match as much, though it's mostly because of the music.

    Either way, fantastic video. Well done!
  3. The pre-match video literally gave me goosebumps.
    Phenomenal work! You could seriously do video work for WWE, and that's no small accomplishment.
  4. Don't know why people dislike this match. I would put it number 2 in all the bouts they had, MITB 2011 being number 1.
  5. It was a great match. Everytime this two face each other in the ring they both bring their 'A' game.
  6. Great video, as ever, loved the match, and the final Cena's hurricana was also awesome. This video included a pre match and that was the great in a video, love it
  7. Isn't everyone saying it's one of the top free matches for a while?
  8. Awesome video as always, great job.
  9. Who's disliking it?

    Great video. The pre-match was incredible.
  10. Amazing . Best Raw match in a while (with the shield one)


    NOC 12
  11. Absolutely incredible. The first and final track you used were awesome and really sold the scenes they were telling incredibly well. They are now on my incredibly long list of favorite videos on Youtube because of this video. As for the middle part, or the majority of the match it's weird. Personally, I really hate Evanescence (though I liked it better than the third song), with the exception of two songs I can't really stand them and this wasn't one of them (my brother's a big fan of them so I've heard most of their songs). Yet, I'm unable to complain about either song choice because you managed to sync up the visual effects to the song perfectly. The black and white suicide dive for example. Or that blue screen part that not only happened when Punk or Cena hit each-other, but when that particular note played during that song. That really impressed me and the effects in general were just really well executed and made the video so much better. Kudos.
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