Cena = Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. This argument came up in a recent status of mine and felt it needed a thread for discussion.

    I believe that Punk is basically like Cena at this point, almost identical but even though Punk is more talented it isn't showing, Punk since MITB has been cutting the same boring generic promos every week but with perfect execution,Cena on the other hand may not have the best promos but its not really the same all the time. People complain about SuperCena but what about Punk? When was the last time he put anyone over? Yeah Punk lost to Taker, Lesnar and Rock but he is still week to week on Raw and Smackdown just winning and winning and winning over everyone as does Cena, Punk has been booked SuperPunk against Ryback, Axel, Harper, Rowan etc. My thoughts are Punk is being booked the same as Cena and I find it odd when people bitch about SuperCena but then mark and hang on to every word Punk says, Discuss.
  2. Punk wishes he was Cena
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  3. Cena has a better record this year than Punk does.
  4. Yes, Punk isn't booked exactly like Cena but I just feel the hate for Cena and the no hate for Punk is out of hand.
  5. Cause of the pipebomb. Plus Punk is indies bro.
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  6. Right now, Punk is a Cena wannabe...
  7. Welp, I'll just post everything I just commented in your status lol

    -to the initial status-
    Well yes but his matches are actually believeable, you go in to a Cena match knowing he's going to win. Unless it's that rare time of year where he records his one loss. (minus 2012)

    "Adam Aries And you think its not that with Punk?"
    I wouldn't say so, he actually shows signs of the beating he takes during his matches. Cena gets beat up, then he turns in to Goku and wins while making it look like he didn't get his ass kicked lol

    "Adam Aries Punk has been cutting the same promos since MITB, Also people saying Punk/Brock was feud of the year? It was the same generic promo then attack EVERY WEEK. How is thta a good feud"
    How can Cena fans accuse Punk of cutting the same promos?! Cena has been doing the same schtick since 2007 lool you guys just don't like Punk, there seems to be no room for an actual unbiased argument. On top of that, since June 2011, he's been a heel, face, heel and now a face. Did he cut the same face promo's when he was with Heyman? lol

    -response to putting over other talent-
    Well... he lost to Rock, Taker and Lesnar... or do those not count? I'll give Cena props, he put Bryan over clean, that was great. But come on now, I can count the amount of talent he's put over since 2007 with my hands lol which means the guys he beat without beating them clean a month later.
    Batista (SS 08)
    Dolph Ziggler
    The Rock(?)
    That's it
    (he then reminded me about Punk and Del Rio, 100% right about those)
    Ok, so with his 7 clean losses in 1v1 matches (excluding HHH), how does this argument that Punk is booked the same even exist? Punk has been booked to win a lot since 2011, which is something I'd expect you to understand considering you're trying to defend Cena's 8 year reign as a top guy. I don't understand what you're argument is, would you like me to tell you Punk is booked as superman? Because once again, he lost at every major PPV this year, they're not booked the same. Cena is WWE champion for the 14th time, Punk is feuding with The Shield

    Sorry if this is messy, too lazy to make it look nice
  8. did you just say Punk is more talented than Cena?

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  9. Without looking at anything but their records, Punk doesn't come close to Cena.

    In 2013:
    Punk's record is 66-22
    Cena's record is 108-5
  10. BB GIF, marking.

    On topic, it comes down to look. As much as I like Punk, he doesn't look like he could beat up a wet paper bag, let alone guys like Orton, Kane, big Show, etc. As much as I dislike the Cena character, he looks like he could do damage to those large gentlemen I've stated above.
  11. Maybe I'm not as big as a WWE fan as I thought because I don't take notice to shit like this. I don't really care if Punk is the same as Cena or not. I did come here to say this(because I read the original status): It seems people are discrediting Punk for losing to The Rock, Undertaker, and Lesnar. LOOK at those 3 names. So he lost, he was also "the longest reigning champ" of this generation. Maybe he was due for some loses finally. Anyway, seems like people are getting all hot and bothered over stupid shit. That's my opinion.

    Also - :damn:@Cena's record for 2013, he has more wins then Punk has matches combined? lol. He sure loves his job.
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  12. Yeah, I wouldn't completely put Punk on the same level as Cena either. Of course all top babyfaces (that includes even #2 and #3 guys) are gonna win the grand majority of their matches, that's been happening since the days of Bruno and beyond. But the major thing that differentiates Cena and Punk from one another is that Cena has been headlining and winning matches for nearly nine years, whereas Punk hasn't. Even in just the past two years since MITB 2011 (when Punk became a permanent top guy... sort of), Cena has had the more dominant booking.

    That said, I've never agreed 100% with the SuperCena comments. Partly because of what I wrote above about how all top faces are booked to be this dominant. Top guys SHOULD win 95% of their matches (with most of their losses being dirty) because if they lost too much, they'd start to look just like everybody else on the roster. The whole point is that they're SUPPOSED to look superior to most everyone else on the roster. They're the top dogs for a reason.

    The other reason though is because Cena has done plenty of jobs for people. Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Ryback (kind of), Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, etc. Batista and The Rock were the only two feuds that Cena was apart of that could be considered legit "dream matches" and he lost his first encounter against both guys cleanly (though he won the subsequent rematches.) I know the argument here will be that 99.9% of these guys are ones who are already established and thus gained nothing out of beating Cena but it's still more clean losses than you'll find on almost any other top babyface's record.

    Plus, you've probably never seen a top babyface in any promotion (certainly not in the WWF/E) take a clean loss this swiftly:

    Fast forward to 31:25.
  13. Again - :damn:
  14. They're both WWE Babyfaces and have the flaws that come with being one. Some of us still find Punk entertaining though.

    I enjoy Punk since he's the only guy on the roster who'll sell emotions, his promos aren't as annoyingly overscripted, and when he keeps it in kayfabe he'll point out stuff that other people won't... that and I get personal amusement at his recent bad promos since he just doesn't care about being in a feud the company doesn't care about. He doesn't mind putting other people over, they're just too protective of top faces (see Orton and Sheamus) so it's hard to hold that against Punk if you find him entertaining despite that.

    Although him coining the phrase "goatface" is still a black mark against him.
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  15. I've found Cena to be pretty damn good over the course of this year. Heyman carried the Punk feud, the matches were nothing I would mark over, honestly. Punk Taker was decent, but again, Undertaker is why, because Undertaker.

    I love to hate on punk, i enjoy some of his stuff less and less as the week's go on. I'll just point out one more hater comment, and run away before you correct my statement's and put me in my place. Punk working injured has been something i've read about/had discussions on/and joked about over the course of the year. Dude pays his dues, but no one outdid Cena this year, that guu he had on his elbow was awesome, and the promo he shot before heading out (before coming back essentially like Superman) I just can't hate on the dude winning, especially over a horribly stale, overused ADR.

    Oh and Punk's promos have been shit recently, but the match I just saw on Smackdown between him and Ambrose was borderline boring/you can't wrestle chants (although it's smackdown, so the boo's would have to be edited in) Also i wasted 90 minutes and didn't see signs he brownstained outside of him constantly fixing his tights.
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  16. So we all agree. Bryan> all
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  17. Man, there's nothing to correct here. To each his own, and you actually make valid points... although I do hate passing up an opportunity to hate on you. :haha: You suck, Aids.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. As I said in the status, would Cena lose to The Rock, Undertaker, and Lesnar in the space of six months? As for the promos being similar, face Punk has become a bit tiresome on the mic, yes. Both Punk and Vince prefer his work as a heel and I hope a turn is incoming - I thought it could've been on Bryan, but that's basically over. Punk's yet to main-event a wrestlemania, he's miles behind Cena, imo, although he's miles ahead of anyone else on the current roster.
  20. Not trying to start anything but nearly every time I see Cena on a mic he says the same thing over and over how he loves the fans and respects them.
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