News Cena reportedly working through multiple injuries

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  2. As horrible as this is, I hope it means he will retire sooner.

    Now hear me out, this guy is set for life. We all saw his house on TD. If he couldn't wrestle it wouldn't be bad for him.

    Now look at when Cena wasn't on Raw, how Dean and Seth stole that Raw with their main event. Letting these new guys make a name for themselves and end the show is what this new generation needs to stand out.
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    Who said Cena ever actually wrestled? :emoji_wink:

    I honestly feel that after his match with Lesnar at Summerslam, it didn't help any potential issues he's having. Although I liked the Cena beatdown, Lesnar did throw him on the back of his neck way too many times. He just grabbed Cena and whipped control.

    I hope Cena gets better....but the guy is kind of doing it to himself....he's always working too catches up...especially now that he's older.
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  4. We all know CEna is set for life.

    I agree that he should retire soon, or at least take more breaks and vacations. He's done enough for the WWE...the guy needs to calm down and relax.
  5. Now that's just silly :otunga:
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  6. Cena should just fight Lesnar and then stop wrestling week in, week out. I'd say he can still get a couple of more big wins before he eventually just has to stop appearing regularly and can put someone over (I know, le gasp!). It would be so much easier for this to happen if we had more young stars actively wrestling (Bryan, Barrett, Ambrose not wrestling for the near future and heck, WWE dropped the ball on several talents) so unless WWE feels the need to tell Cena to just rest for a while, he'll probably just fight, even if he's not at his best.
  7. I agree with you. But I hope WWE tells Cena to rest for while. He needs to leave for a least a year. please.....
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  8. Working through the injuries only makes it worse, I get that they want to keep a consistent storyline but if things ever got too bad I'm sure they'd have no problem pulling the plug and letting Cena get another somewhat long period off TV.
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  9. I feel like they may have Brock "injure" Cena to give him some time off.
  10. I can't see that period being anytime soon unless it's absolutely necessary. With them cutting costs everywhere possible, there's no way they'd want their top guy going absent for several months on end. And every other time Cena has been injured in the past (torn pectoral muscle in 2007, herniated disc on 2008, elbow injuries in both 2012 and 2013), he's always made a speedy recovery and returned within no more than a few months. If his neck or anything else were in too serious condition at the moment, I doubt he would have agreed to take sixteen German Suplexes from Brock at Summerslam.
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  11. I told everyone on this site who would listen. But nooooo, I was just being a pu**y. Apparently, my take validity - as usual.
    I kind of disagree, The John Cena I'm familiar with wouldn't say no to anything WWE asked him.
    Cena has a degree in physiology, which leads one to believe he wouldn't take ill-advised risks.
    However, I've heard him mention that his degree allowed him to diagnose (and thus approach) his injuries once they happened, not necessarily prior.

    Cena worked Summerslam 2013 when he should not have. Taking time off is laughable to this guy. If WWE asks, Cena will do it.
  12. idk what you're talking about....
  13. I hope he takes it easy and considers a very long break, it wouldn't be exactly good for the company but there is no way he can power through such injuries. It will only create more, and make things more difficult for WWE, and him.
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  14. Obviously,
  15. In fairness to edge4ever your post made no sense, you quoted a 2 paragraph quote and replied with one line, didn't really explain what bit you were getting at :dawg:
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  16. I doubt my post made 'no sense'. You probably allowed your biases to prevent you from reading it clearly and logically.
    Read it slowly and put the pieces together and it will make sense.... Or you can reply with a hateful message toward me that displays your wit and grants you favor from edge4ever.

    I predict you'll reply to this post with "?" or "WTF?"
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  17. ?
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  18. Then why the fuck he took 16 German suplexes from Lesnar?
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  19. Ask him.
    How hilarious.
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  20. I keep watching your GIF over and over...and although I would've loved to see someone else end the Streak.....the reaction and shock value made it worth it.
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