Cena Says No Heel Turn

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  1. Pretty sure this hasn't been posted, so:

    Pretty much confirms what we all knew. Full interview here:

  2. inb4PeopleBitchAboutWantingHeelCena
  3. "I just don’t see me getting there in order to please a very small group of 30-year-olds."

    Do you not hear the crowd reactions? He has a really good point, just irritating when he says stuff like that. Cena doesn't have to turn heel to be interesting.
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  4. "To be a bad guy, you actually have to be a bad guy." -- Couldn't disagree with this more. He's more or less calling every heel in the business "bad guys". No Cena, to be a bad guy, you need to be a good actor. You have been a bad guy and were actually entertaining as a bad guy.

    I see why he's not turning heel though. I don't think a heel turn is necessary, I just think a major character change is. Whether he remains as a face or not doesn't bother me, I just want something fresh with Cena, and something fresh regarding the way he is booked.
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  5. I'm sick of Cena altogether, I don't think I heel turn or change of character would change that. Unless he somehow becomes extremely entertaining.
    He should take a break for like 6 months or something, don't think that will ever happen though. Vince would die.
  6. A heel turn is need! But knowing wwe it will never have been. the only it have been if Cena goes to a different compuy like Hogan did and then his new boss tell we need u to turn heel! And cena is not leaveing wwe. so forgot about that! :pipebomb:
  7. The annoying part is Cena can still actually sometimes be entertaining even with his current shitty gimmick, but he is lazy and doesn't put the same amount of effort into every feud. Cena / Punk is proof that he can be entertaining, and so is some ways Cena / Rock. He can hang with the best, but he just doesn't want to sometimes.

    Anyway, he will definitely be more entertaining if he actually freshened it up, and I have a hard time believing he wants to remain as this shitty stale character because it does endanger his legacy. Surely he wants to be remembered as one of the most interesting and best characters WWE has seen; 6 years of boos as top dog and then retiring as the same stale character will somewhat tarnish that legacy.
  8. Those are all the same reasons we've been saying forever as to why he won't turn heel... And only when a new face and torch carrier comes along to fill in that role for him will he turn.
  9. Its still Cena either way so dont care. Time he puts ppl over.
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  10. Everyone complains about Cena (I dislike the guy tremendously myself), but, really....is there anyone right now who could fill his shoes? I don't think there is anyone big enough at the moment to take his role. Punk is huge, but, he still falls behind Cena, imo. There just isn't another guy the WWE can rely on as the top hero. They need to build people up to take over. Problem is, they are consistent in continuing to push the same few guys and shove the rest of the locker room back in the shadows. They need new faces, yet, when they get some, what do they really do with them? Bo Dallas disappeared, which is great, because he sucks ass, but, I will mention him just to get the point across. Michael McGillicutty does house shows. Justin Gabriel does house shows. Bray Wyatt does house shows...Alex Riley does house shows..... for the most part, btw....anyway, you get the point. It's the same handful of guys getting chances, yet, who do they expect to take over when all of these guys leave/get injured? Build up the talent, they will need it someday.

    Not saying all these guys who are hardly used are OMG AMAZING WRESTLERS, but, they don't get a chance to improve.
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  11. I don't think he's actually turning heel, but something in his promo this week told me he was, not sure.
  12. He is kinda right (not about having to be the bad guy though).

    I mean, kids would be devastated and their poor prick hearts would be broken if their phony (he is a phony) hero went to dark side. He has a point.
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