Cena says WM31 deserves to be in London

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. He said this in London,don't hold much into it at all.
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  2. Wouldn't work? Time difference and such? No, just GAWD no. :no::no::no:
  3. Sod time difference if UK fans can stay up and watch RAW and PPV's live why can't US fans? Jeez football works no one gives a rats bout time difference then during World Cups.
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  4. The Hoff REFUSES to stay up and watch it. Just keep WM here, at home, in AMERICA.
  5. Huge difference between football and wrestling, one is international the other is still targeting the US as it's main demographic. A PPV over here doesn't really work unless it's a minor show like Inserexxion.
  6. Maybe but they said that about American Football but look at that now!
  7. Aren't they throw away games though? Also consider WM happens once a year you get what 20 odd NFL games in the same time frame? The NFL games = Raw tapings, unless they make the super bowl happen in London then this argument becomes slightly more logical IMO.
  8. Another reason to keep WM at home, in AMERICA
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  9. Brother let me tell you something jack the 24 inch python is hanging out from your denim shorts, zip up soldier.
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  10. Huh, what? Oh, sorry there brother. Thanks for keepin' an eye out. :hogan:
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  11. The feeling is mutual :rollins:
  12. True @Seabs but everyone who goes oh what bout the time difference aggravates me its a one off why cant they just deal with it?
  13. Money is my guess, they can probably make more in America than here, the US is huge compared to us and we charge around half their price (these prices maybe in the sky contract as they're always £15 compared to £31 (based on a $50 USD)) So they can charge double to more people. Makes sense to me although I speculate we'll get some kind of PPV soon. The time difference is huge also given they'd struggle to be on in primetime which usually has more people watching, what time would you have the show running from? I can't think of one which works for both sadly.
  14. Not happening, keep dreaming.
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  15. I don't see it happening. At least not Wrestlemania. Too big of a PPV.
  16. Maybe they can bring back Insurrextion, or however they spelled it. I really did enjoy it, a shame they did away with it. Anyone know as to why exactly?
  17. After Insurrextion in 2003, they stopped all UK exclusive PPV's. No idea why.
  18. Gaaahhhh stupid WWE, it was a good PPV
  19. Good comparison with Raw tapings. Not meaningless at all even though you rarely get good games (a lot of the times they pick teams that don't sell out their home stadiums) They say the Super Bowl could go to London, honestly that's not the most horrible of ideas and neither is Wrestlemania, only weird thing is the time change. 'Mania or the Super Bowl at 10 AM Pacific just sounds odd and implausible.
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