News Cena selling Ryback feud and missing live events

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 25, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG] It seems this is to play of his "Injuries" if so, Its a bit ridiculous to take him off live events, I hate it when WWE take people off shows because people pay a lot of money for tickets and some just to see him and he isnt there.
  2. Cool idea. I had this same idea in a thread recently.
  3. I'd be mad if I have a 8 years old kid oh wait it's Michaels. Nevermind
  4. I would also be pissed to be watching Jericho vs Ryback.
  5. Great idea, ppl need to learn to read small print if this peeves them to much. In short it will always say: CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Now if that helps the WWE overall good move.
  6. Finally, about time they did this. I think it's pretty good that they are giving Cena time to rest too, not sure when the last time he had this much time :hmm:
  7. DUDE. HBK going to ring with the NAO AND no cena? Count me in.
  8. said no one ever.

  9. :dawg:
  10. Cena doesn't sell an injury - get's shit on
    Cena sells an injury - get's shit on.

    Ryback looks great after this, the crowd get's no Cena and he get's a bit of time off. No one loses.
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  11. Sounds about right.
  12. Great to know, makes sense and a break from Cena is always a good thing these days.
  13. :pity: Cena could end world hunger, and people will still shit on him unless he turns heel.
  14. It's to give Cena a break, that's smart.

  15. Similar to the HHH/Axel feud that's brewing... People complained about part timer vs part timer and wanted to see a part timer work with a younger guy but as soon as we seem to be getting it (HHH/Axel), some bury the feud before it even gets off the ground and even talk about how they want nothing but for HHH to get off their TV sets immediately.
  16. Yeah, that part timer vs part timer thing did come to me. The previous day I was complaining about how they never did it and they do it the next night. I was very very glad with that.
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