Cena sucks shirt.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Dec 18, 2011.

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    What is peoples view on this shirt going on sale? I personally believe it to a good way to build up the tension of the Cena sucks chants getting to John to build up the heel turn at wm 28, whilst maintaining the rise above hate gimmick. Cena appears to be in the same position as Bret Hart in 1997 were he was a heel in the USA but a babyface everywhere else. Only with the Smarks / adults vs kids / Marks.

    http://www.wweshop.com/item/anti-john-cena-shirt/NewUpcoming/01-15691 They're here and selling like crazy the medium is already out of stock.
  2. Well for one, it's a completely perfect business move from Vince. He knows that all smarks will buy this shirt, so he's basically getting money from all kids buying cena t shirts, and all male adults who hate him buying anti-cena shirts. Pretty incredible how much of a draw Cena is.

    But yeah, anyway, I'm hoping lots of people buy it (not available on wweshop yet, but it will be soon I guess?) and it will encourage more promos like the Rowdy Piper one. Which will be planting seeds for a slow-burn heel turn in Miamia Wrestlemania. It's potentially the perfect way to turn heel. It'll raise lots of money beforehand with sales, preparing him for the turn, and when he's heel presumingly the kids (or stubborn adult cena haters who hate him as a person not a character) to buy the we hate cena shirt.

    As for the present, Cena's rise above hate gimmick is going to really stand up and get noticed. Perfect move from WWE.
  3. I thought you were using "shirt" as a euphemism for the word "shit".