News Cena taking time off after Hell In A Cell?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 1, 2015.

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    If he's indeed taking time off, chances are they could book an injury angle.
    For all we know, Cena could be filming some movie and whomever he'll be facing at HIAC, it wouldn't surprise me if he lost the US title there.
  2. That would be a good way to tarnish to build up for the US title. It needs a feud, not just a 'i fight you' feud. I'm talking storyline angle.
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  3. Yeah after all they've done for the US title this year, to treat it in such a manner is basically using it like toilet paper. After Rusev's long run and Cena's very enjoyable Open Challenge, to be held concurrently with the World Heavyweight Championship, to have Cena win it back to immediately lose it again would be a piss poor way to treat that belt.
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  4. Nice he's gonna take time off, gives a chance for him to refresh a bit and wwe will now have to bring up a few guys to be top stars while he's gone. But it sucks for the U.S. Title, cena kept the prestige up
  5. I think a good way to keep the title safe and let Cena take time off is getting a feud going on RAW. Have the blow off at Survivor Series and have Cena drop the belt to a heel. Have an injury angle say he's out for a month or two. Return at Royal Rumble and win the title back and start the feud leading into WrestleMania.
  6. Hopefully Cena's keeping that US title warm for Sami Zayn.

    And while I have no problem with him dropping the title to a heel, who could it he drop it to?
    KO could become dual champ by defeating Cena, then we have Harper and The New Day.

    There aren't many heels on the current roster that I'd like to see as US champ, tbh.
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  7. Backstage Notes On John Cena's Time Off And Return, Speculation On WWE Pushing Dean Ambrose

    So, Ambrose will get pushed while Cena's gone. I can dig that.
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  8. An update:

    So, he'll be gone for two months. Interesting.

    Again, I hope he gets written off TV in a good way.
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  9. Cena leaving for like 2 months is lovely. I hope they're setting up someone like Cesaro to take him out.... We already have like all heel champions so it'll most likely be a face taking the belt. Maybe.

    In any case, cena being gone will only help the roster as of now. It'll be a nice break from cenawins.
  10. If Ambrose gets the US title again and is pushed, I would love that shit
  11. I could be happy about it if Cena was in main event picture but he is not. Also I really enjoyed his US reign and all the open challenges. Hope WWE can use this, if it happens of course, there can be a new star born or get refreshed like Dean Ambrose or maybe Ziggler as they kinda hinted that on Raw this week. Maybe someone from NXT to step up and rise? Or maybe Rusev to get it? It's not clear but we will see what will happen.
  12. If Ambrose ends up being pushed in his place while he's gone, then yay. Then again, considering how much of a less-than-thrilling run he had with the strap the last time he was champion, maybe I shouldn't be so gleeful, especially since Cena doing wonders for the title's prestige these past several months doesn't entirely convince me they'll try to keep it that way the second the belt leaves Cena's waist.
  13. Well now that the emphasis on the US title has sky rocketed, hopefully Ambrose will be seen as a bigger entity.
  14. I'm going to guess that he'll retain at Hell in a Cell and lose the belt in an open challenge on Raw because it would be a fitting conclusion to the open challenge angle. Regarding who, I have an idea but I'd rather not mention it at the moment because I figure it will garner similar reactions to the Undertaker showing up at Summerslam predictions did.
  15. Or he has he open challenge held at HIAC for the first time ever?
  16. lol @ Ambrose with the US belt. Please no.

    I'd rather him lose it on a random Raw. Forget all this buildup stuff, lets create a big shocking moment that'll get us talking... Cena losing one of his US Title Open Challenges? That'll do it!
    hell Big E winning it this week would have been perfect, but there's other options. Looking forward to what's to come...

    it seriously takes someone LEAVING to make you wonder what's to come on Raw, wow
  17. That would actually be pretty good. I considered it but actually thought if I mentioned it, someone would get on my case about it only being on Raw. I think you might be right since nothing has been done with Cena yet for HIAC.
  18. Yeah I like your open challenge idea but let cena do it at HIAC this time and I think it'll feel different and bigger.
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  19. You're thinking of Ambrose last run which was insignificant and silly. Now that more emphasis is on the mid card belts, the hope is that Ambrose will be taken seriously and give him credibility. Or, you just don't like Ambrose.
  20. It's not a WWE film, so chances are it's a major film due to the fact that he's taking more than a month off.
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