News Cena taking time off after Summerslam?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2013.

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  2. Explains HHH's involvement last minute I guess. Orton goes heel when cashing in on Bryan/Cena. Creating some legitimate heat for Randy. And in turn it sets up Bryan vs Orton to run throughout the fall, allowing Cena to take some well needed time off. Bryan vs "the new corporation" and Punk vs the Heyman family sounds like well enough plotlines to carry the RAW shows.
  3. Works for me. Only thing that bugs me is that I seriously don't remember him having an elbow injury recently, unless it's referring to the one from a good while back.
  4. Could be that one coming back to haunt him. Since he was back on the road almost instantly it might not have healed properly.

  5. Ahhh, maybe that's it then. I remember thinking at the time that surely he needed more time off after dealing with that. Maybe now that they realize it's more severe they're finally OK with him taking the much needed time off. Want him to heal properly and also won't mind having some Cena-free time.
  6. And with a healthy Punk, Bryan being red hot, Ziggler being hot and Smackdown actually starting to slowly carry its own weight again they probably saw a good chance to give him more time off now.
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  7. I like the idea, he needs to be some time off.


    My first impression when I saw that last week was "why isn't Cena resting at home? Damn, his elbow injury looks awful". I guess WWE will do something like what they did with Punk, Cena will come back asking for his rematch against the current WWE Champion (hope it's Bryan)
  8. As we reported yesterday, current WWE Champion John Cena’s elbow injury is worse than is being let on. While the specific severity of the injury is unclear at this point, it is known that his arm is in really bad shape.​
    According to reports, Cena’s injury is bad enough that last week WWE officials made the decision for him not to wrestle until the SummerSlam pay-per-view this Sunday. Additionally, Cena is reportedly going to be taking time off after the match to have surgery on the arm, which could keep him out of action for a while.​
    Whether or not this means Daniel Bryan will win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam is anyone’s guess, but odds are pretty likely that he will if Cena won’t be around after the pay-per-view. Then again, Money In The Bank winner Randy Orton could always walk out of the building as WWE Champion as well.​
    He a Theory I got they are in the ring looking at each other, crowd going wild for bryan chanting yes yes yes. then triple h rings the bell and the match begins, cena runs at bryan and bryan drop toe holds him and wacks on the yes lock straight away, cena lays in the hold for about a minute trying to fight out but his arm is too messed up and he taps out. the fans would go mental and be cheering.... the roof would actually blow off the building... triple h walks up the ramp with cena asking him if he is ok and they both leave bryan in the ring to have his moment......then the music hits and out comes orton with vince mcmahon... and brad maddox, orton cashes in and brad maddox is the ref.... then bryan and orton have a 20 minutes match before being screwed by vince and maddox then we have a heel orton as champ, and daniel bryan feuding back and forth for the next few months with bryan winning the belt back at royal rumble so then punk can win the rumble and bam we have bryan vs punk at mania 30 for the wwe title. Or that could even have a dubale cross like The Rock did in 1998 and have Brayn go heel with Vinces!?​

  9. [​IMG] (Brayn) go heel with:


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  10. hay u never know stright up no one though the rock would turn heel in 1998 and he did.
  11. This is the absolute best time for this to happen. It pretty much guarantees a Daniel Bryan title win (not that it shouldn't have been obvious anyway) and it means we can get a Bryan/Orton feud for the belt to run through the end of summer and however long in the fall without Cena being involved. Bryan being in a main event program as champion or even just chasing the title without the #1 star John Cena around (hopefully time off means he won't be around on-screen either) also should give us time to see just how much of a draw Bryan can be as champion.
  12. I can't help but wonder if there will be a RAW after the night before situation like we saw with Ziggler cashing in.
    Now people have heard this news it's all lining up for an Orton cash-in on Sunday but what if it can't/doesn't/just won't happen and instead we get the RAW surprise?
  13. The summer of Bryan :yay:
  14. We get Cena vacation rumors every year.
  15. Wrestling for $$$ >>> Wrestling for love... if Nash said so it must be true
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  16. the money is the only real thing about rasslin
  17. I hope it's true. It'd be great if Cena just stayed out while Bryan gets his reign.
  18. Ive liked cena as of lately, im juiced to see how he sells out. This whole angle has been great (anyone who hates, realize it could have been a divas show promo battle) so far, and im excited for the match. This means DB goes over, and Orton has a 1 month run with the title.
  19. wwe has been known to leak stuff like this to throw people off. Like they find out he doesn't need it and they are saying he does just to throw fans off.
    I hope he is taking time off though. He deserves it and needs it.
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