Cena/Undertaker Would Have Been Perfect For Wrestlemania 29

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. I know we'll be getting it at WM30 (hopefully) but it would have been perfect for 29 and here is why, in my opinion.

    I think as much as everyone loved seeing The Rock beat Cena at WM28 (at least I did), we can agree that it didn't make much sense. Maybe when it came to sending the Miami crowd home happy, but in the long run, it didn't make much sense to have a returning superstar beat your current top star. This could have been Cena's big 'immortal' moment, similar to Hogan beating Andre, Warrior and The Rock beating Hogan, Shawn Michaels winning the WWF Championship at WM12, the Austin Era beginning at WM14, etc. On the other hand, Undertaker scored one of his most important victories ever, in one of his best matches ever, finally making it to 20-0 in the End Of An Era match. So, you have Cena and Undertaker as the winners of the double main event of WM28 - that would have been a nice set up for them to fight at WM29. Cena is happy over his biggest victory ever, and Undertaker realizes that there is only one big challenge left for him before retiring ('resting in peace') for good, and that's Cena. Thus, the build for their WM29 match.

    Some people will make the argument (and there was a small little debate about this over on the Pro Wrestling forums 3-4 days ago) that because WM30 is another ten year anniversary kind of show, that it will feel more special there. But when you consider some of the biggest Wrestlemania matches of all time have happened at shows that weren't on a ten year anniversary date - Hogan/Andre, Hogan/Savage, Hogan/Warrior, Austin/Rock, Rock/Hogan, etc., then you realize it wouldn't have made a big difference if it had happened at 29. Plus, with Austin possibly returning to fight at WM30, and with his conditions being that he wants to be the main event match, that means Cena-Taker won't be the main event... Even though it deserves to be. We won't believe that Taker will possibly lose his streak unless it's the last match on the card, and it won't be at WM30 if Austin does indeed return. It kinda takes some of the intensity out of it, not knowing whether or not Cena really will break the streak.

    I don't want to be mistaken, I will love to see Rock return and face Punk and then compete again at Wrestlemania, I'm just bringing up a hypothetical scenario that I would have preferred more.
  2. I don't personally think the place on the card is clues whether he loses the streak or not. As for this year, I'm unsure, it's clear the only reason Cena wrongfully lost was to have a 3 part saga with Rock. Instead of having one dream match and having WWE showcase it's new #1 in Cena over the old #1 in Rock they want to milk all the money they can from it. I really want Taker to skip this year with recent reports to his injuries being bad, last time they gave him a long time off he came back strong for his match against HHH. Give him this year off and then we'll see what he's like for WM 30. I agree that he needs to fight Cena though.
  3. Makes sense, I like the point you make about Austin wanting the main event spot and Taker vs Cena being there... that'll be interesting.
  4. I do because him losing his streak would be such a huge colossal deal that it would have to close out Wrestlemania that year.
  5. Let the Taker heal. He's been a warrior and it's almost like he has to leave it all out there everytime. He's 47 not 27.
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