Cena v Rock III?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Dec 11, 2013.

  1. This might have already been posted somewhere:


    Wasn't the tagline for WM29 'greatness v redemption' as well.
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  2. I hope it happens just to see this and other forums explode. Better yet, Rock/Cena vs Punk/Bryan. Punk/Bryan job within 5 minutes.
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  3. IWC would collectively slit their wrists
  4. If it have been again I will stop watching wwe!
  5. I would be among the first to smash my tv.
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  6. If they give us like Bryan/Punk on the card then it would make up for it.
  7. As frustrating as it is, I think Cena vs. Rock is going to happen again. They won the Slammy for Match of the Year on Monday night so I imagine this is a way for them to start setting it up again. It was boring for me at Wrestlemania and I do not want to see it again.
  8. No nothing would make up for that crock a third time. Nothing.
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  9. I think if it did happen it wouldn't be at wrestlemania and maybe a stipulation would be added.
  10. File a lawsuit for false advertising. 28 was "once in a lifetime" - I've already seen it twice. Don't need it a 3rd time.
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  11. 1 hour Iron Man match? :troll:
  12. Honestly defended the second fight they had while everyone bitched about it. There is no way I would defend a third, this probably has no meaning to it (I'm hoping) but if there is a third... god save us all.
  13. The Rock posts a lot of quotes from people on his Twitter page. I wouldn't say this is automatically an indication that he's hinting at Rock/Cena III.

    If the second match didn't draw as much as the first one, then why assume a third match would do any better? If it were still the biggest match that Rock could be apart of, then it would be understandable, but it isn't. Rock/Lesnar (which has been hinted at on WWE television as well as through a tweet that Paul Heyman gave) is almost guaranteed to be a bigger draw than a third (or even second) Rock/Cena match. Rock and Cena already reached it's conclusion... Rock put over Cena (which is what Rock said he came back to the WWE to do) and even endorsed him at the end by raising his hand and such. Please let that be the end.
  14. Guess i'm the only one who wouldn't mind it. ( as long as it's not for the title)
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  15. Once in a lifetime
    Greatness vs Redemption
    Tie-beraker match. Guess it could be known as Victory Call.
  16. Bear in mind that there match was MOTY on Monday, when this was tweeted, and it looks quite possible.
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  18. Please, no!
  19. Maybe, but odds are that Rock won't even be able to make Wrestlemania XXX fit into his already busy schedule (then again, he's been nicknamed the "hardest working man in Hollywood" for a reason, so if there's a way to make it happen, he will.)

    Now that I think about it though, I probably wouldn't even mind if Rock/Cena III did happen. I wouldn't look forward to it and would much rather prefer to see Rock work with a different opponent but with the way things are shaping up for this year's Mania, as long as it wasn't for the WWE Title and as long as it didn't interfere with any other combination of matches that I want to see (and why would it?), such as Taker/Lesnar, Bryan/HHH and Punk/Orton (the latter likely being the one for the title), then I'm fine with it. Although it'd unfortunately be the headline again.

    I doubt it's happening, though.
  20. [​IMG]
    And if it happens, it should be called the Rock vs. Cena Part 3: WWE Universe Retaliation
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