Cena vs Del Rio

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HIGH FLYER, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. what do you guys think of this match at Hell in a Cell fot the WHC??
  2. That match will be the bathroom break for me...
  3. that's gona be a looong leak!
  4. I'll probably cook some food to for the match after Cena vs. Del Rio.... that should cover the time.
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  5. It will probably be a good match just because it has Cena in it. Del Rio I don't care for, but Cena is always on point. Hate him all you want, but the dude is gifted.
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  6. Cena being back just surprised me so I'm excited, for once. Not as excited for, let's say, Cena vs RVD or Cena vs RVD vs Del Rio but ehh. Their match at what was it, Vengeance, was pretty good. Y'know when Big Show and Mark Henry broke the ring and stuff. That was actually the PPV that got me back into WWE actually.
  7. Of course he's gifted, so is Del Rio.. Him being gifted doesn't change how annoying his character is.
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  8. I missed RAW,so, Cena is back and he'll be taking on Del Rio for the World Title at HIAC? That's going to be awesome for the future. Think about this,Cena derails Del Rio's reign,has the World Title for a couple of months to bring prestige back to it and Smackdown,and, when the time is right Sandow cashes in,and,beats Cena for the title! What a great way to make Sandow a main event star.
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  9. I think Sandow will be the second person to fail cashing in.
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  10. Why is Cena back so early? Injury healed up so quick?
  11. Honestly it's a good shock factor. Cena going for the World Heavyweight championship is the last thing I ever would have expected honestly. I think the match will be good, and Cena's been away for a good while long enough to not seem like to much again.
  12. I guess at least in part because of that. Dude has always been a quick healer, when he tore his ACL and MCL he came back in 8 months when the estimated injury time was little over a year or something like that. And maybe in part Vince wanting him back early. At least they aren't shoe horning him into the main story going.

    But I smell a swerve coming. Or if they wish to get some more heat on ADR they can have him "re injure" John and John can go back to twerking in Capri Sun commercials in peace.
  13. Well it might be Vince getting him back so early because the ratings have tanked since he's been gone (I think they did, but correct me if I'm wrong).

    And knowing Vince, the 2nd part of your post might be truthful.
  14. Well they haven't been as high as during the spring. but in no way have they tanked. They've gone down, but not tanked. But that cannot be solely placed on Cena being gone considering the NFL getting back into business.

    But knowing Vince he probably went into panic mode despite the Bryan vs Orton feud doing good/decent ratings and the fans taking to Bryan and Rhodes.
  15. Think they drew a 2.7 last week which had everyone up in a tizzy, which is bad but not much worse than the 2.9 they drew earlier this year WITH Cena and no football.
  16. If it gets the title away from ADR then I'm all for it.
  17. It also doesn't change how much better the WWE is with him wrestling. :pity:
  18. I'm with Danny on this. I don't like many of Cena's promos but love the guy and honest truth he was the guy that got me into wrestling back when I thought it was real and loved the faces.

    Del Rio is great in ring its just his mic skills and lack of character/crowd work that makes him annoying, Either way this match goes its a good thing, Cena wins WHC gets more prestige, Del Rio wins its a big thing to beat the face of the company.
  19. Sandow cashes in right after this demanding and exhausting match.. any takers??
  20. Cena winning the title at HIAC?! Wow, want to see Cena as the WH Champion again. He'd need a new T-Shirt
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