Spoiler Cena vs Owens (Beast in the East spoilers)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jul 4, 2015.

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  1. He should but won't

  2. He should and will

  3. He shouldn't and won't

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  4. He shouldn't but will

  1. Not sure if these needs the spoiler tag but it can't hurt.

    Since Balor has taken the belt off of Owens in Japan does it make sense that Owens wins the US title at Battleground now? I know he had to lose it given he's spending more time on the main roster but this just makes sense. Especially if they want to continue the story further into a best of 5 situation (it ending at Battleground sounds odd imo)

    So yeah feel free to vote in the poll / leave your thoughts below.
  2. Of course it makes sense for KO to win the US title from Cena, and by doing that, he'll more than make up for losing the NXT title to Bálor.

    I am going to go ahead and vote for "He should, but won't."
    Why? Because, seeing as how Cena's got a losing streak at SummerSlam, I think they might decide to end Cena/KO match at Battleground as a double count-out or whatever.
    Then, come SummerSlam time, it'll be the big blow-off match where KO finally defeats Cena and takes the US title from him.
  3. I think Owens dropping the NXT Championship pretty much confirms that he'll be taking the United States Title from Cena here pretty shortly. The idea is that they're moving him to the main roster permanently now, so there was no point in him carrying around the NXT Championship any longer, especially if he's about to beat Cena for the US Title anyway. Not really much sense in carrying around both titles when someone from NXT could largely benefit from defending its Championship on the NXT brand from now on (cue the arrogant/narcissistic promos afterwards where Owens says that the reason he claimed that the NXT Championship was more prestigious than the United States Championship before was because he was the one that was holding it, but now that it's the US Championship that he's in possession of, it's automatically become the more meaningful title.)

    However, I don't expect Battleground to be the end of the Cena/Kevin Owens saga. They'll probably wait till Summerslam before blowing the feud off for good. Either they'll battle to a no contest and then Owens will officially win the title at Summerslam, or Owens will win the strap at Battleground and then defeat Cena next month in a rematch (since unless they choose to conveniently ignore it, champions are contractually guaranteed a rematch after losing the title to someone.) In either case, I expect their bout at Summerslam to have a stipulation attached to it to make their finale grander.
  4. I'd like for John to win, but if Kevin wants his turn they ought to let him.
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  5. To be fair, if they have a followup angle he can just fall right back on AND Owens avoids looking like a complete jackass in the final match, even if Cena wins it'll be fine. It's more of a testament to the two most overpowered characters in WWE right now. Little shame in losing to the "Impervious to Pain Demon Balor" and 15x champ Cena.

    I'm not sure who should win this match, though. It's so easy to say "Owens should! Cena needs to put someone over!" but I'm still so scared of Owens getting stuck with that US belt that it gets difficult, lol

    problem is then that there's nobody for him to feud with really
  6. There's always being so pissed over losing to Cena again that he settles for targeting and destroying "The Big Guy" and taking his Intercontinental Championship from him instead. Ryback is fairly over, and Owens would still look somewhat impressive going toe to toe with a person of immense strength like himself and putting him down. However, if you're worried about Owens carrying the United States Championship around (which they've at least spent the past year attempting to restore prestige to), then I can't imagine you'd feel any better about him carrying the Intercontinental Title around on his shoulder instead. Besides, I've kinda warmed up to Ryback as champion and want to see him have a long, dominant reign with the IC strap before dropping it to someone. It still only feels like he's just won it.

    I don't know what Cena will do after his run as United States Champion is over, but I really feel it's already about time he dropped the title regardless. I know Owens is only his second feud since becoming champion, but his weekly open challenges have made it so that he can still say after dropping the strap to Owens that he had about 13-15 successful title defenses under his belt, which is more than the vast majority of title holders can say for a single title reign.
  7. Cena should keep the title for awhile.. Finn Balor took the title off Owens simply because he needs it, Owens doesn't need a championship right now. He's better and more over than Balor and the US. Title could benefit from staying on Cena for a long time. Owens gotten over so much since coming to WWE and WWE has been booking him the right way, besides the whole french crap they did a few weeks ago.
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  8. I think it makes total sense to take the USC off of Cena and put it on Owens as a way of building the belt's prestige further and allowing Cena to set back up the inevitable return to Cena vs. Authority.

    Cena has done a great job of carrying the title (naturally, the guy's one of the all-time greats) and it's time for him to give that ultimate rub to Kevin Owens, whose heat will make it a title that every up-and-coming face will want to chase and will give him the added heat of saying he beat John Cena for the title.

    I voted he can and he should, for the record.

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  9. I also think there's going to be a non contest or something at Battleground and Owens is winning the belt at Summerslam, which is how it should go. Cena has done a great job with the US title, but in the end (for me at least) he should drop it to a new guy and put him over and at this moment the guy that should be getting this push is KO.
  10. Any love for the idea of Owens going over Cena for the U.S. title at Battleground and Owens vs. Samoa Joe at Summerslam?

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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Eh, not really.

    Not that I wouldn't love a showdown between the two eventually, but Summerslam seems way too early for either one of them to be defeating the other, no? I mean, it'd be Joe's first feud on the main roster and Owens' first opponent after winning the United States Title.
  13. Owens faces Joe with the U.S. Title on the line and beats him (after a highly-competitive match) by using underhanded means or Joe wins by DQ...gives Joe the rub of beating the guy who's faced down Cena and won a few titles in the promotion, lets Owens show how big of a heel he can be (hence the underhanded means of winning...gotta give the fans a reason to root against Owens as too many fans are currently cheering him...or...he uses a weapon and gets DQ'd, same result...not as big a fan of the second idea as the first as I'm not as big a fan of non-finishes as I am of tainted finishes).

    So, you've brought another "new" guy (although not really new given the reactions Joe's already gotten from WWE crowds) into the promotion (I'd probably bring him in the night after Battleground) and used his debut to further cement your hottest new heel and locked him into a babyface role as being the guy who got screwed out of the U.S. title on his first PPV.

    Nobody said Summerslam had to be the blowoff to their feud.

  14. Jesus no, keep Joe in NXT. Seriously fuck that guy.
  15. Why you no like Samoa Joe?

    You eat vegetable! You been here 4 hour!

    No, I have no idea where that came from.

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  16. Have Owens face Ambrose at SummerSlam, or at least post SS. Triple H has made it clear that he's already on Owens' side, and it's only a matter of time before he's associated with The Authority like 98% of the heels have been in some form. Ambrose is clearly still looking to aim after The Authority but they don't really have anybody good for him to face. Cue Owens.

    I doubt that they'd end the Owens/Cena saga before SummerSlam, but this feud should happen at some point. Owens going over the supposedly most over guy on the roster would easily propel his stance greatly as a heel to the crowd. Should Ambrose lose to Owens clean, though? Not necessarily, but he shouldn't end Owens' reign so quickly either. I just don't see much else they could do for Ambrose right now, and we could at least get a couple of good matches from the two.

    Obviously I'm just biased as fuck for that angle, but who cares.
  17. That'd be a logical way of booking it if it happened as early as Summerslam, but I'm just a bigger advocate of the more standard idea where Owens running roughshod over everyone to the point where he eventually feels he has no real competition left until Joe (who has either been destroying folks left and right in NXT, or has already migrated to the main roster and began destroying people there as well) steps up to the plate and challenges him for the title.
  18. I have a feeling that Kevin Owens and cena will go to summerlsam. Kevin Owens will win the belt and join the authority.

    What would be awesome is if Owens loses to cena, barely, at battleground and in a fit of rage attacks Brock in the main event.

    This causes a DQ, Seth keeps the belt, and Owens works his way into the authority by fighting Brock at summerlsam.

    That would be cool.
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  19. - Cena/KO lasting till SummerSlam where they'd have that big blow-off match sounds about right. KO would go over Cena, of course.
    I imagine their match at Battleground will end in a no contest or whatever, and knowing Cena has a losing streak at SummerSlam, KO beating him there would make the victory even sweeter.
    As far as KO joining The Authority goes, meh. He's doing perfectly fine by himself. He's like a breath of fresh air on the main roster and doesn't really need The Authority.

    - Owens losing to Cena at Battleground and then attacking Brock in the ME would be a waste of Brock's limited appearances/matches, IMO.
    There's no need for that, Lesnar can just maim Rollins, take the title and either after the match (or the next night on RAW) the Authority would come out and beat down Rollins and thus trigger a face turn. So, come SummerSlam time, we'd get Trips vs Rollins.
  20. Summerslam is way, way too early to be doing Brock vs Owens imo. Owens wouldn't have even been apart of the main roster for a whole three months by that point and you're already blowing through feuds with both John Cena and Brock Lesnar back-to-back?

    I think taking the US Title off of Cena and then defending it against all comers in the midcard - Randy Orton (who I feel might start challenging for the midcard titles again any day now), Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Cesaro, R-Truth, etc. - is the most reasonable next step for Owens. Sure, it's kind of a step down from Cena, but nearly everything is a step down from Cena. That's the danger of booking a new guy against the face of the company right out of the block.
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