Cena vs. The Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Is it just me or do they once again try to make John Cena look like a jerk next to The Rock? It starts to annoy me, that they make it seem as if The Rock is superior to John Cena (while he isn't), and make John Cena look bad every time this two interact with each other...
  2. My DVR didn't record Raw for some reason (second time it's done that recently) so I only caught the small clip of what they showed near the end of the show. But from the sound if it, they're making The Rock seem superior this year because he's the champ and Cena is basically the underdog because of losing the big match last year. It adds to Cena's eventual victory if it's made to look like Rock will most likely defeat him again (though anyone who isn't an idiot knows where the storyline is going.)

    I didn't get the impression last year that Cena looked inferior.
  3. It seemed to me like Cena was out for "redemtion" and that last year Cena was Cocky. This year it's The Rock who is over confident.
  4. Not sure what you're talking about to be honest. The face-off was perfect and both sides had the same amount of time to pitch their case. They have had one promo and it's already built as Cena being the underdog who wants REDEMPTION against a guy who has conquered everyone so far. That brings the best out of Cena, and doesn't make him look inferior in the slightest. His whole gimmick is based around this, lol.

    Whilst we're on the topic of Rock/Cena, both of them were magnificent last night imo.
  5. You know this is probably worse than last year's ass kissing fest by them.

    Cena can't sell a promo no matter how bad he has been put down by The Rock, being called full off crap and Cena just shrugs it off like it's nothing, and before this promo happened I wanted Cena to beat the Rock, now after this promo happened. I'm swaying the other around.
  6. He's supposed to look like the underdog this year, since he lost last year at WM. He didn't come off as inferior on the mic but as the underdog, and that's by design.
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