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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Spoiler just in case.

    Is anyone else getting a whole WWE teasing a Cena heel turn vibe with this feud? The attack on RAW with him locked in the ropes wearing the mask and Wyatt laughing mentioning his TRUE FACE again. Seems like they are trying to make us wet our pants with the thought of the heel turn everyone wants.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I've lost the hope of Cena ever turning heel long ago.
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  3. It's not a heel turn at all. They're being really clever with this feud, as it feels like WWE knows exactly the buttons to press to get heat and interest from both sides. Cena is already a heel to us, they're finally realizing that and doing what it takes to make us cheer Wyatt more... while to the Cena fans it sounds like more crazy Wyatt propaganda. Win/win.
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  4. Like you mean joining the Wyatts? I would love that, but I'm sure many others would not. I don't get the point of cena's "legacy" being on the line for the match. Is he going to leave if he loses? Please tell me thats what it means
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  5. It would be just as terrible as Cena "in" Nexus. That had so much potential and WWE ruined it like the first night.
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  6. John Cena turning heel by joining up with a group of demented, backwoods hillbillies? Can't see that happening.

    It's still gonna be awhile before there's any chance of seeing John Cena do a heel turn. And to be honest, just speaking for myself here, but I'm not someone who really clamors for it anyway, like the grand majority of the IWC does. His babyface character is fine to me just as long as he has a formidable opponent whom he takes seriously (i.e. Wyatt.)
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  7. I don't see Cena turning heel unless the kids start turning on him for some reason. And since that will most likely never happen (sure, the 10-year-olds might hate him when they become 11-year-olds, but there will be a whole new crop of 10-year-olds who love him), that means Cena will be a babyface for the rest of his life.

    Besides, except for the most obvious examples, I'm thinking we're finally truly beyond the old dynamic of true face/true heel personas in WWE.

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