Cena Wants to Re-Design the WWE Title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Probably because the little kids can't carry it when they wants to wear/hold it.
  2. Posted this interview earlier, but if this is strictly about him wanting the title to change the way it looks then it can stay open :emoji_slight_smile:.

    He says it all the time in many interviews, people seem to think just because he's one massive star he can do/say/suggest/add whatever he wants, that's not the case (though he probably does get special treatment). He's right though, I can't imagine carrying 27lbs around with me all day which the champion has to do most of the time, not to mention the fact it's ugly and was made for a gimmick Cena had years ago.
  3. THE 1998-2002 Belt! WAS WAY FUCKIN BETTER! And the spinner is ownly buy that much is b/c of the Kids!
  4. It does need a redesign so badly it's a hideous looking belt in this day and age they should change it after WM new start and all.
  5. Interesting that it's the most sold merchandise ever or something he said. The most bought toy too. It must be doing something wrong - at least we know now why WWE are so hesitant to remove it.
  6. Seriously who would buy that belt??????
  7. Kids and collectors.
  8. Even as a kid I wouldn't want that belt! Much rather have a decent tee anyday!
  9. WWE can still sell all the shitty replica spinners they want. No reason to continue to punish the fans and workers who are all begging for the hideous piece of shit to be changed
  10. Alot of them have the mentality of they'd rather have everything it seems.
  11. True!

    And in regards to Dolph's post in this modern world it's all bout money unfortunately as much as many of us on this forum hate that as it means continued garbage like that belt!
  12. It's always been about money tbh, that's why Hogan stayed on top even when the fans turned on him in the early 90's. I can't blame Vince for sticking with the formula which is putting money in his pocket.
  13. Yeah it's just even worse nowadays.
  14. Like I said nothing is stopping them from selling replicas of the spinner belt if it's such a hot seller. And while having a new belt would probably hurt those sales, it would be made up for with the sales of the new belt.

    The replica sales argument doesn't hold much water with me
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  15. I agree Dolph, all they need to do is have Punk / Cena introduce the belt and it'll sell stupid amounts. It's just another example of why Vince's monopoly is a negative with professional wrestling's popularity.
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  16. If they designed a belt that looked good theres no reason it couldn't be a huge seller. Plus if the sales figures take into account the length of time we've had this belt course it's a hot seller we've had it years. Honestly though if they put out an EC f'n W tee no doubt that'd be a huge seller again now it's merchandise take it away then bring it back in time as a classic if they're that bothered!
  17. Exactly. How many kids are sitting at home with their spinner belts that would make mommy and Daddy buy them the new belt the week it was debuted? If anything having a new belt after all these years would only help their financial bottom line, not hurt it.
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  18. Remember guys, #wwelogic.
  19. It's true though between Punk, Cena, Bryan they could sell anything to anyone interested in WWE with the rite marketing strategy!
  20. That indicates some kind of logic is present just #WWE fits better.
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