Cena was unsure if he was working WM

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  1. ( :notsure: if this goes in Raw or PPV section.... mostly about a Raw Superstar though, so thought I'd post it here.)

    Video footage of the interview can be viewed here.

    Really?? You're John-fucking-Cena, how do you NOT expect to be in WM? Vince would have a heart attack if his golden boy wasn't on the card, I'm sure.
  2. Thought you were gonna' go to bed. :notsure:
  3. I'm going now, I swear. :haha: I got sidetracked reading today's / yesterday's news posts.
  4. Suuuure :willis:

    On topic though, he was probably just being humble. :dawg:

    Seriously, was he concerned over an injury or something?
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  6. Well, he did have that injury last October that kept him off the HIAC PPV, if you guys remember. Maybe it was thought to be a more serious injury than it ended up being. Weird how he doesn't mention that and instead says he just had to stop being a "boo-boo face" (wtf? He talks childish in interviews, too?)
  7. "boo boo face" Wtf? Lol.
  8. John Cena not being on WrestleMania? Let's be real.
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  9. He was whining like Gohan I guess.
  10. I think this was kayfabe to be honest.
  11. LOL if that was even a possibility, Vince would have had a heart attack.
    LOL at Cena trying hard to make us believe his sh*t.
  12. Sure, the biggest star in WWE not working Mania. Surrrre.
  13. What are you talking about? The Rock will be there :jeritroll:
  14. Because if Cena is one thing, it's humble. :dawg:

    Three months ago would have put him in November, so that's a possibility. Just like you said, if that were the case then it's odd he wouldn't just say due to his previous injury he was unsure if he'd be there, rather than say it's because he had to stop pouting, etc.

    Honestly, when I first read it and saw it I was thinking it was supposed to be more of a "real life" interview and all (kind of like how Vince didn't have crutches then but did later that day on Raw), but just for the sake of what Cena said and how he talked, I hope you're right.
  15. Of course it's kayfabe.
  16. Was his injury three months ago cause if that's the case it'd make sense
  17. :gtfo: It's real to me dammit!! :upset:
  18. Maybe about him banging the pornstar? :hmm:
  19. if not than we can officially stop blaming WWE for PG-Cena being such a.. err.. how would Cena put this.. big weenie?
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